Can I carry my musical instruments in flight?

Can I carry my musical instruments in flight?

Airlines must accommodate musical instruments as carry-on items as long as there is room available in the overhead bin or under-seat area at the time of boarding and the instrument can be safely stowed. Instruments should be in a case or cover to avoid injuring passengers.

Can you take musical instruments as hand luggage?

An instrument in its bag measuring up to 80cm long can be carried in the cabin. Instruments such as a violin, viola or small wind instrument can be carried as hand baggage as long as it’s in a case no bigger than 80 x 45 x 25cm (31 x 18 x 10in) and is carried in place of your larger cabin bag.

Do musical instruments count as carry-on?

A musical instrument may be carried on board as a carry-on item if it can be stowed safely overhead or in the seat in front of you at the time of boarding. A customer may purchase a ticket for a musical instrument which is too fragile or bulky to be handled as checked baggage.

Can you take a violin as hand luggage?

Traveling with an instrument on United Airlines follows roughly the same rules as American Airlines. The United Airlines website states: “You can carry a violin, guitar or other small musical instrument on board if it’s in a hard case. These instruments will count as a carry-on bag if placed in the overhead bin.

Can I take my guitar on a plane as hand luggage?

Musical Instruments: Carriage of musical instruments is allowed in our Domestic and International flights at no additional cost. Guitars, if packed in soft cases, can be carried in hand baggage, however, other instruments have to be properly packed and can be carried in Check-in baggage only.

Is a guitar considered a carry-on?

In 2003, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the American Federation of Musicians reached an agreement allowing airlines to treat guitars not only as checked baggage but also as carry-on items. Even so, flying with a guitar still poses a number of complications and risks for traveling musicians.

Which airlines allow musical instruments?

Green airlines comply with the US FAA regulation on instruments, and allow instruments in the cabin – provided they fit in a locker or under a seat (there are no specific size limitations). Only nine airlines were ranked as green, with Delta and Southwest – the world’s two largest airlines – among them.

Can you gate check instruments?

If okay with the flight attendant, you can store your instrument in the coat closet in front of the plane. If your instrument is larger than the carry-on dimensions above, you can gate check. The attendant puts on a pink tag: gate checked items are put on last and taken off first.

Can I fly with my violin?

String instruments (e.g. guitars, violins and violas) can be carried on board as long as they fit in the overhead bin and there is space available in the cabin at time of boarding. In some cases, a seat may also be purchased for these instruments.

Is violin allowed in flight?

The Department of Transportation (DOT) on Tuesday implemented a statute that requires airlines to permit passengers to carry small instruments such as violins, violas and guitars as carry-on luggage, provided the instruments can be stowed safely in overhead compartments or under seats.

How much does it cost to bring guitar on plane?

American/Delta/United Domestic checked baggage fees: $30 for first checked bag, $40 for the second, $150 for the third. With air travel, there are fees associated with everything. For traveling musicians who check guitars, there will be extra costs for each and every flight.

Is a guitar a checked bag or carry-on?

Should I Gate Check My guitar?

7. Check Your Guitar at the Gate, Not the Luggage Counter. In other words, take your guitar with you all the way to the gate, just as you would any carry-on bags. Don’t check it at the main luggage/check-in point.

Can I fly with a guitar?

Conclusion. Domestic travel laws require that you be allowed to take your guitar on a plane, provided that it meets all other carry-on restrictions and can fit in an overhead stowage bin or the seat in front of you.

Can you take a violin on Ryanair?

Smaller musical items such as a guitar, violin or viola which exceed our cabin baggage dimensions may be carried in the cabin if a seat for it has been reserved and the appropriate fare paid.

Can I carry violin in international flight?

Small musical instruments may be carried in the aircraft cabin, subject to being within the stipulated cabin baggage dimensions / weight. All such baggage is subject to security clearances for Carriage in cabin.

How do you travel with an instrument?

10 tips for flying with your musical instrument

  1. Check the airline’s hand luggage policy.
  2. Think about purchasing an extra seat.
  3. Pack your instrument in a hard case.
  4. Remove all other items from the case.
  5. Loosen the strings.
  6. Be prepared for your instrument to go through security.
  7. Don’t put any liquids in your case.