Can you convert string trimmer to blade?

Can you convert string trimmer to blade?

While the exact procedure for converting the tool from a string trimmer to a brush cutter may depend on the model, it usually involves taking off the string head, replacing the deflector and attaching the blade. The process is similar to changing a string trimmer head as described by Lawn Care Life on YouTube.

How do I change the blade on my grass trimmer?

Step-by-step guide when changing to a grass blade

  1. Remove the trimmer head by placing the locking pin in the small head on the back of the gear head.
  2. Unscrew the trimmer head by turning it clockwise.
  3. Place the grass blade on top of the drive disc.
  4. Place the support cup onto the grass blade.

Which is better blade or string trimmer?

Bladed trimmers are best for yards with tall, thick grass, brush, and saplings. String trimmers are ideal for handling lighter vegetation, obstacles, and ninety-degree corners.

Are blade trimmers better than string trimmers?

String trimmers are safer than bladed trimmers for cutting around trees and rocks. Bladed trimmers are better for edging along concrete or for cutting through especially dense undergrowth. A bladed trimmer will typically outperform a string trimmer, but isn’t as safe to use around trees, roots, and rocks.

How do you replace a nylon trimmer?

How to Change the Nylon Cord on Your Grass Trimmer

  1. Changing the Cord on a Single-Line Trimmer.
  2. Prepare the line.
  3. Make sure your trimmer’s engine is turned off.
  4. Remove the retaining cap from the trimmer head.
  5. Locate the starter hole in the spool.
  6. Locate the starter hole in the spool.
  7. Remove the lines from the retainers.

Do plastic trimmer blades work?

Bladed trimmers work nearly the same as a string trimmer, except there are blades on the cutting head. Plastic blades can be used for thin foliage cover, but as the foliage becomes denser, metal blades will likely need to be used instead.

Which is the best strimmer with blades?

  1. Mountfield MTR50LI Cordless Grass Trimmer. Best overall.
  2. Stihl Cordless Line Trimmer FSA 45. Best lightweight strimmer.
  3. Bosch Grass Trimmer UniversalGrassCut. Best cordless strimmer.
  4. Stiga SBC 500 AE Cordless Grass Trimmer.
  5. Greenworks 24V Cordless Line Trimmer.
  6. Webb 43cc Cow Horn Handle Brushcutter.
  7. Stihl FS111 Brushcutter.

What are trimmer blades used for?

Bladed trimmers are not designed just for a lawn’s average grass and weeds. They can tackle bushes, shrubs, saplings, and all kinds of tall grasses and brush. They have more powerful engines that allow the blades to cut through nearly all vegetation in your yard.

What is the strongest line trimmer cord?

Backyard Boss Top 5 Trimmer Lines for Your String Trimmer in 2021

Husqvarna Titanium Force Length: 140 Feet Diameter: 0.095 Inch Shape: Round
Arnold Maxi Edge Length: 100 Feet Diameter: 0.095 Inch Shape: Six-Sided
Oregon Magnum Gatorline Length: 685 Feet Diameter: 0.095 Inch Shape: Square

Do Strimmers have blades?

Lawn trimmers and cordless lawn trimmers from Einhell always use a nylon trimmer line or a plastic blade, which they use to easily, quickly and safely cut short and long grass. However, motor scythes or cordless motor scythes use a metal blade, which as well as grass can cut weeds, roots and small bushes.