Does Natsu have feelings for Wendy?

Does Natsu have feelings for Wendy?

Fans of the anime and manga support Wendy and Natsu’s relationship because of the close bond they have and Wendy’s very apparent crush on Natsu as well as the fact that they are both Dragon Slayers.

Is Wendy still in fairy tail?

Following the disbandment of Fairy Tail, Wendy, along with Carla, joined Lamia Scale. Subsequent to the conclusion of the war between Orochi’s Fin and Lamia Scale, Wendy leaves Lamia Scale and helps Natsu resurrect Fairy Tail.

Is NaLu better than NaLi?

For example: NaLu is better because they are the two main characters, NaLi is better because they are childhood friends and so on! Also, please, keep calm. I don’t want extreme fangirling/fanboying, keep it reasonable.

Why NaLu is the best ship?

Fairy Tail: 5 Reasons NaLu Is The Best Ship (& 5 Reasons NaLi Is Better)

  • 5 NaLu: Knows What The Other Is Thinking.
  • 6 NaLi: They Are Happy’s Parents.
  • 7 NaLu: Their Feelings Can’t Be Hidden.
  • 8 NaLi: She Has Undying Trust In Him.
  • 9 NaLu: They Bicker Like A Couple.
  • 10 NaLi: They Were Friends In Their Youth.

Who had a crush on Natsu?

However, Lucy is mostly targeted, and because of this she frequently blushes when her relationship with Natsu is mentioned. After being in the FT fandom for more than 3 years and watching every FT episode/reading every FT manga chapter multiple times, I can say one thing for sure: Lucy has a crush on Natsu.

What is the best ship in fairy tail?

Now let’s deep dive in some of the best ships, both big and small (& confirmed or not).

  1. 1 Fanon: Natsu & Lisanna.
  2. 2 Canon: Natsu & Lucy.
  3. 3 Fanon: Laxus & Freed.
  4. 4 Canon: Gajeel & Levy.
  5. 5 Fanon: Laxus & Mirajane.
  6. 6 Canon: Jellal & Erza.
  7. 7 Fanon: Gray & Lucy.
  8. 8 Canon: Gray & Juvia.

Who is Natsu love interest?

Lucy Heartfilia and Natsu Dragneel’s relationship is arguably one of the best parts of Fairy Tail.

Does Loki love Lucy?

During Lucy’s fight with Bickslow in the Fighting Festival arc, Loke opens his gate on his own to save her. After their battle, he uses his magic to cast his “Ray of Love” which entitles the words “I love Lucy”. This is his open declaration of his love for her; which is not reciprocated on her part.

Who does Wendy Marvell end up with?

[Potential spoilers for the end of the Fairy Tail manga (chapter 545) below.] Simply put, Wendy is not shown nor implied to be in a canon romantic relationship at the end of the series. The reason is simply that the author chose not to officially pair Wendy with anyone.