How do I find a list of directors of a company?

How do I find a list of directors of a company?

If you wish to find out the names of officers or directors of a public company that has filed with the SEC, you can find this information by searching EDGAR, the SEC’s Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval System.

How do I find the owners of a company?

Research Strategies to Find Business Owners

  1. Make a Call.
  2. Check the Company Website.
  3. Do a Little Social Media Digging.
  4. Conduct a WHOIS Domain Lookup.
  5. Read the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Reports.
  6. Search State Databases of Registered Businesses.
  7. Contact Local Business Licensing or Regulatory Agencies.

Where do you find information on companies?

Dun & Bradstreet, Moody’s, Hoover’s Profiles, and Standard & Poor’s Corporate Profiles provide financial data about companies. These and other sources are available in many libraries or law and business school libraries.

How do I find a company’s database?

Company databases that can be filtered and searched

  1. Wikipedia (free)
  2. Crunchbase (free & paid)
  3. Inc 5000 (free & paid)
  4. Hoovers (paid)
  5. AngelList (free and paid)
  6. Global Open Data Index.
  7. MIT Libraries.
  8. Datapo.

How do I find a person’s directorship?

Steps to Verify DIN-PAN Details of Director

  1. Go to the MCA Portal. Access the
  2. Enter DIN/ DPIN of a director and click Submit. In the DIN Services, enter the DIN/DPIN on the box below Verify DIN/DPIN-PAN Details of Director/Designated Partner.
  3. Enter PAN of a director and click on Submit.

How can I check company details on MCA gov?

Step by step process :

  1. To access Master Company/LLP Data click “View Company/LLP Master Data” link; to view Index of Charges, click ‘View Index of Charges’; and to access signatory details, click on ‘View Signatory Details’ on the left hand side of this page.
  2. Enter the Company/LLP Name or CIN/LLPIN of the Company/LLP.

How do I find shareholders of a private company UK?

The confirmation statement for any company is publically available on the companies house and can be used to identify the shareholders of any UK company.

How do you find the shareholder of a private company?

There is another simple way to view the list of shareholders of the company in the MCA website, which is as follows: Visit the site : and click on the icon ‘MCA 21’ Login by clicking the login option on right side of the page.

What is employee information sheet?

What is an employee information form? An employee information form contains key information on employees that is used to keep a record of who worked for the company, their duration of employment, and in what role. It can also be used as an emergency contact information form in the event of any serious workplace injury.

How can I get shareholder details from MCA?

Ajay Mishra

  1. Logging on
  2. Register yourself as registered user.
  3. Go Service option.
  4. Click Inspection public documents.
  5. Fill the CIN of desired company.
  6. After showing detail on MCA portal, click on first coloum and wait for payment detail.
  7. Pay on line the amount of Rs.

Where can I find a company’s identity number?

Procedure to Find CIN

  1. Go to MCA website.
  2. Click MCA services tab on the home page. From the drop down, click ‘Find CIN’ under company services. The following page will be displayed.