How long is I-85 in Georgia?

How long is I-85 in Georgia?

179.9 miGeorgia 403 / Length

What exit is Duluth GA?

I-85 Exit 107: Duluth Hwy.

What exit number is Buford Highway?

Exit 32
If you are traveling on I-285, take Exit 32 (Doraville/ Buford Highway (GA 13). Take a left onto Buford Highway towards Atlanta.

Where does Highway 85 start and end?

Interstate 85 (I-85) is a major Interstate Highway in the Southeastern United States. Its southern terminus is at an interchange with I-65 in Montgomery, Alabama; its northern terminus interchanges with I-95 in Petersburg, Virginia, near Richmond.

What’s the best time to drive through Atlanta Georgia?

After 7 pm. Before 6 am. In general, when driving north, it’s better to get on the north side of Atlanta to avoid morning commute traffic. In general, when driving south, it’s better to get on the south side of Atlanta to avoid morning commute traffic.

What exit is Pleasant Hill?

Exit 104 – Pleasant Hill Rd – Interstate I-85 Northbound in Georgia – iExit.

What exit is Buford GA?

I-985: Exit 4 Buford Dr – Buford, GA.

Where is Exit 115 on I-85?

Lawrenceville (Buford, Georgia)

How long is US highway 85?

1,479 miU.S. 85 / Length

U.S. Route 85 (US 85) is a 1,479-mile-long (2,380 km) north–south United States Highway that travels in the Mountain and Northern Plains states of the United States. The southern terminus of the highway is at the Mexican border in El Paso, Texas, connecting with Mexican Federal Highway 45.

How many miles is Interstate 85?

68.64 miInterstate 85 / Length

How can I avoid Atlanta on I 85?

To avoid I-85 during its most heavily trafficked periods and during rush hour, try taking an alternate route. Throughout most of Georgia, I-85 runs parallel to U.S. Highway 29. In Atlanta, U.S. Highway 23, U.S. Highway 123, or the Downtown Connector might be an appropriate alternate route depending on your destination.

What exit is Pleasant Hill off 85?

Where is Exit 115 on I 85?

What exit is Mall of Georgia?

Exit 115
Mall of Georgia serves the nearby communities of Buford, Sugar Hill, Suwanee, Gainesville, and Lawrenceville, and is conveniently located off I-85 and Exit 115 (GA 20).