How many times did Pastor Maldonado crash?

How many times did Pastor Maldonado crash?

You would have thought he’d have learned by now, but Maldonado suffered seven further crashes, and caused another that year. But still he drove on, and in his final season in the Championship, the chaos continued, with countless crashes and calamities tarring the Venezuelan’s name.

When did Maldonado last crash?

Lewis Hamilton infamously collided with former F1 driver Pastor Maldonado at the European Grand Prix in 2012. The two drivers were fighting for third place, with the Venezuelan driver trying to overtake Hamilton on the final lap of the race, resulting in the accident.

Why does Maldonado crash?

In 2014 during the first practice for the Chinese Grand Prix he veered off the road and nearly crashed after getting distracted making adjustments on his steering wheel.

Was Maldonado a pay driver?

Aside from his pay driver status, Maldonado also gained a reputation over his career as somewhat wild and unpredictable on the circuit. He was nicknamed “Crashtor” and a website called Has Maldonado Crashed Today? was created to track his many mishaps.

Was Maldonado a good driver?

Maldonado isn’t anywhere near the least capable grand prix starters, and on pure pace he had the vast majority of pay drivers in F1 history beat with ease. A no-hoper doesn’t finish within the top six in their three full GP2 season, or bag class wins at the Daytona 24 Hours and the 6 Hours of Spa.

How did Pastor Maldonado win?

He went up against a star-studded grid of drivers, including world champions Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel, and Kimi Raikkonen, and emerged victorious.

Did Pastor Maldonado win a race?

Williams Racing’s Pastor Maldonado was the fifth of those seven drivers when he took his first and only F1 race victory at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya on Sunday 13 May 2012 – ten years ago today.

What is Pastor Maldonado doing now?

Pastor Maldonado now spends time with his young family – and is due to be in the paddock at the Spanish Grand Prix on May 20th-22nd to celebrate a decade since F1’s most unlikely win.

What does Pastor Maldonado do now?

Why is Pastor Maldonado famous?

Maldonado has developed an unenviable reputation in F1. Starting in 2011—his first season in F1—his penchant for running into other drivers was first exposed. In qualifying for the 2011 Belgian Grand Prix, Maldonado was clipped by a charging Lewis Hamilton at the famous bus-stop chicane.