How much are Conan the Barbarian comics worth?

How much are Conan the Barbarian comics worth?

Marvel’s Conan the Barbarian issue 1 from 1970 is still going strong and the sell of this issue has been going up as years progress. A 9.8-grade issue can come in at a nice price of$ 4,750 today with its FMV of $4,800, though some have been seen going for even more.

Is Conan the Barbarian comic Cancelled?

Monday, Marvel announced Conan the Barbarian will soon leave the Marvel Universe at the conclusion of Jason Aaron and Mahmud Asrar’s King Conan series this July. The last issue will be King Conan #6, bring a definitive end to the character’s latest batch of stories at Marvel Comics.

How many Conan the Barbarian comic books are there?

Conan the Barbarian (comics)

Conan the Barbarian
Schedule Monthly
Publication date October 1970 – December 1993
No. of issues 275 and 12 Annuals
Main character(s) Conan

How many king Conan comics are there?

King Conan is a collection of five fantasy short stories by American writer Robert E. Howard featuring his sword and sorcery hero Conan the Barbarian.

What is the rarest Conan comic?

Howard short story, and illustrated by Barry Smith (who also did the iconic cover), Conan the Barbarian #1 is incredibly valuable to collectors, and one of the most sought-after comics of the early Bronze Age.

Which Conan comics are worth money?

Does Marvel still own Conan?

It was confirmed with that Marvel Comics no longer had the rights to Conan the Barbarian. For those worried Conan’s comic book adventures are coming to an end, rights-holder Heroic Signatures stated they will continue publishing the hero next year, just not under Marvel.

Why is Conan the Barbarian in Marvel?

Conan the Barbarian was created in the 1930s by author Robert E. Howard as a sword-and-sorcery hero in pulp magazines. He later went on to have his own novels and comic books which landed him in Marvel’s hands during the 1970s, which was when comics of the character started to distribute.

Do they still make Conan comics?

After the 2019 return of Conan to Marvel titles included Conan: Serpent War (2019–2020 miniseries), Conan: Battle for the Serpent Crown (2020 miniseries), alongside the reappearance of Conan the Barbarian (2019-present) and Savage Sword of Conan (2019), which both received new #1s but retained the original “Legacy …

Where do I start reading Conan the Barbarian comics?

Definitive Conan Comics Collecting Guide and Reading Order

  • Modern Marvel Conan (2019 – present)
  • Classic Marvel Conan (1970 – 2000) – alphabetical by title.
  • Dark Horse Conan (2000 – 2018) – chronological by title.
  • Conan The Barbarian (2019)
  • Savage Sword of Conan (2019)
  • Conan Tie-Ins.
  • Conan in Marvel 616 Continuity.

Where should I start reading Conan the Barbarian?

“The Phoenix on the Sword” is the first novel in the “Conan the Barbarian” series and was released in the year 1932. When readers first see Conan, he is king.

Where do I start with Conan comics?

Was Conan an avenger?

Conan the Barbarian Current member of the Savage Avengers.

Who owns Conan the Barbarian comics?

Marvel Comics began publishing Conan comics with the series Conan the Barbarian in 1970. Dark Horse Comics published Conan from 2003 to 2018, after which the rights were reacquired by Marvel Comics. Cover to Conan the Savage #6 (Jan.

What order should you read the Conan books?


  • “Legions of the Dead”
  • “The Thing in the Crypt”
  • Conan the Defiant.
  • “The Tower of the Elephant”
  • Conan and the Sorcerer.
  • Conan the Mercenary.
  • Conan: The Sword of Skelos.
  • Conan the Destroyer.

What is the best Conan story?

Tribute article: The top 7 stories of Conan The Cimmerian by Robert E. Howard

  • Rogues in the House (Published in January 1934)
  • Red Nails (Published in July 1936)
  • Queen of the Black Coast (Published in May 1934)
  • Tower of the Elephant (Published in March 1933)
  • The Hour of the Dragon (Published in 1935-1936)