How much snow does Nelson have?

How much snow does Nelson have?

Expect a total of 33 cm (12.6 in) of snow in Nelson and 370 hours of sun.

Does it snow in Nelson BC?

Rainfall averages around 25 mm (. 98 in) a month March through October. Snowfall occurs November through March with December and January averaging 70 cm (27.5 in) each.

How Smokey is Nelson?

The Swiss-based IQAir ( has positioned Castlegar (272) and Nelson (241) at the top of their real-time most polluted city ranking for Canada due to the degree of smoke accumulating from burning wildfires in the West Kootenay.

Is Nelson Smoky right now?

There are currently no Smoky Skies Bulletins.

Is Nelson BC a good place to live?

City ranks in top third of most dangerous places in the nation to live. Lock your doors and bar your windows. If the findings of a recent survey by MacLeans magazine in Canada’s Most Dangerous Places 2018 is to be believed, Nelson isn’t as safe of a place to live as it seems.

What is the elevation of Nelson BC?

1,755′Nelson / Elevation

Does it rain a lot in Nelson BC?

The average annual temperature in Nelson is 3.8 °C | 38.9 °F. The annual rainfall is 1042 mm | 41.0 inch.

What is the current air quality in Nelson BC?

What is the current air quality in Nelson Kutenai Place?

Air pollution level Air quality index Main pollutant
Good 5 US AQI PM2.5

What is the air quality in Nelson British Columbia?

Excellent The air quality is ideal for most individuals; enjoy your normal outdoor activities.

Where is the smoke in Nelson BC coming from?

The smoke in Nelson is coming from fires west of us, according to Lindsay Eastwood, Nelson’s emergency management coordinator. That includes the fires at Trozzo Creek in the Slocan Valley; Octopus Creek, Michaud Creek and Renata Creek on Lower Arrow Lake; and perhaps the Nk’Mip Creek fire east of Osoyoos.

What kind of people live in Nelson BC?

Aboriginal Identification. The largest aboriginal population are that of the First Nations, making up 48.15 per cent of the total aboriginal population. At 260 people, the second largest Aboriginal population is the Metis. Inuit follows with 1.85% of the total Aboriginal population in Nelson, BC.

Where should I live in Nelson?

Tāhunanui is one of the most sought-after pockets of Nelson, and for a good reason. This beachside suburb is lined with pretty streets and is just a 10 minutes’ drive to the CBD. Tāhunanui Beach is in walking distance – the perfect place to spend a weekend afternoon in summer.

Is Nelson BC a nice place to live?

Is Nelson a good place to live?

It’s a welcoming place to visit, child-friendly and with regular live music and wood-fired pizza on offer as well. Nelson is a gorgeous city, surrounded as it is by Tasman Bay, three national parks and protective chains of mountains.

Why is Castlegar so smoky?

Liana Zwick, who lives in Castlegar, said because the city is in a narrow valley, the air rolls in as it settles, covering everything in thick, grey smoke. “Everything is very still and quiet, it gives a very eerie feeling,” she said.

Where is there no smoke in BC?

Haida Gwaii
The only place in B.C. unaffected by wildfire smoke since 2017 according to provincial data is Haida Gwaii, an archipelago of 150 islands off the North Coast of B.C. known for its beautiful landscapes, wildlife, heritage and rain.

Why is Nelson BC so popular?

History and Heritage With over 350 heritage buildings, Nelson has earned a reputation as one of the finest heritage cities in Canada. Dating back to the late 1800s, most historical buildings are within walking distance of each other, so strolling through town is like opening the history books.