Is Cumberbatch his real name?

Is Cumberbatch his real name?

Benedict Timothy Carlton CumberbatchBenedict Cumberbatch / Full name

Benedict Cumberbatch, in full Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch, (born July 19, 1976, London, England), acclaimed British motion-picture, theatre, and television actor known for his portrayals of intelligent, often upper-crust characters, for his deep resonant voice, and for his distinctive name.

Was Cumberbatch a Doctor who?

Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch CBE (born 19 July 1976) played Howard Carter in the Big Finish Doctor Who audio story False Gods, and “Thing 2” in Order of Simplicity.

Is Benedict Cumberbatch cross eyed?

He has heterochromia iridis Like fellow actors Keifer Sutherland and Simon Pegg, Benedict Cumberbatch’s eyes are actually two different colours. Benedict’s specific condition is known as sectoral heterochromia and is responsible for how his eyes seem to change from green to blue, depending on the light.

Is Doctor Strange a vegetarian?

It’s official—mega-talented British actor Benedict Cumberbatch is vegan. While promoting the highly anticipated Avengers: Infinity War, the Dr. Strange actor mentioned—during three separate interviews—his vegan diet.

Can a person have 2 different colored eyes?

Heterochromia is when a person has differently colored eyes or eyes that have more than one color. Most of the time, it doesn’t cause any problems. It’s often just a quirk caused by genes passed down from your parents or by something that happened when your eyes were forming.

How intelligent is Benedict Cumberbatch in real life?

One’s intellect is an entirely different thing from a single successful acting character. Cumberbatch does bring the character to life like none other. To call him a genius would not be appropriate without testing his IQ. But he does have a special ‘made for it’ kind of appeal for the character.

How many kids does Benedict Cumberbatch have?

Benedict Cumberbatch is popular as a TV, Film, and theater actor. He is married to his longtime girlfriend, Sophie Hunter, and is the father of two children. The further you get away from yourself, the more challenging it is.

Does Benedict Cumberbatch have a third child?

Dec 16, 2021 · In addition to his successful career as an actor, Benedict Cumberbatch is the proud father of three sons. Find out more about his adorable brood here. Benedict Cumberbatch, 45, has…

Are Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter still together?

Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter are expanding their family! The couple are expecting their third child together, E!News reports. On Monday, Benedict and Sophie attended the Emmys in La, where the theater and opera director covered up her growing belly in a gorgeous bright yellow gown.