Is T Mobile free for Afghanistan?

Is T Mobile free for Afghanistan?

We will also waive international roaming, data and SMS fees on calls and texts made between Afghanistan and the U.S. for T-Mobile and Sprint post-paid customers. As a reminder, customers with Simple Global have free unlimited data in Afghanistan.

Who provides cell service in Afghanistan?

Afghan Wireless, provides 4G services. Etisalat, provides 4G services. MTN Group, provides 4G services. Roshan.

Is Taliban is member of UNO?

Despite the loss of territory by the Taliban in 2021, the Islamic Republic seat was retained due to the new regime not being recognized….Afghanistan and the United Nations.

United Nations membership
Membership Full member
Since 19 November 1946
UNSC seat Non-permanent
Permanent Representative Vacant

Does T-Mobile have free international calls?

Stateside International with Mobile This gives you: Unlimited calling from the U.S. to landlines in 70+ countries & destinations and mobile lines in 30+ countries & destinations. Discounted calling rates from the U.S. to all other countries & destinations.

Which network is best in Afghanistan?

Ookla reported that Afghan Wireless achieved a speed score of 6.81 Mbps with average speeds of 8.32 Mbps for download and 3.74 Mbps for upload on 4.75G+ LTE-capable devices to become the only Ookla certified network in Afghanistan.

When did Taliban leave Swat?

The Taliban, based in Imam Dherai, took control of the entire Swat Valley and held power until the Pakistani military retook the area in 2009. But nearly a decade later, the soldiers remain.

How much does T-Mobile charge for international roaming?

Travel with T-Mobile. Connect, share, and text abroad with your Magenta ® plan benefits. No setup or data-roaming charges, it’s just international travel made easy. Standard speed is approximately 128Kbps. Calls $.25/min.

How much does it cost to use T-Mobile magenta abroad?

Some applications like streaming music or video typically requires higher-speed data for optimal functionality. If you frequently travel internationally and require a higher speed you can add T-Mobile One ™ Plus or Magenta ® MAX, and get up to 256kbps speeds abroad for $15/month. Are there international benefits with Magenta MAX? Yes.

How do I get a T-Mobile Simple Global Pass?

Primary account holders and authorized users can get a pass by using your T-Mobile app, logging on to My T-Mobile .com or following the link in the welcome text message you receive when you enter a Simple Global country. You can also call your Team of Experts ® before your trip by dialing 611 on your mobile device.