What angle is 35 degree?

What angle is 35 degree?

acute angle-an angle between 0 and 90 degrees. right angle-an 90 degree angle. obtuse angle-an angle between 90 and 180 degrees.

How do you draw a 35 degree angle with a protector?


  1. Draw a circle. Place the hole in the protractor over the center of the circle.
  2. Use the inner scale on the protractor and mark at 0∘ and 35∘.
  3. Use a scale to draw two rays originating from the center of the circle to each mark.
  4. The angle between the two rays is 35∘.

What does an 30 degree angle look like?

A 30-degree angle is an acute angle. An angle is formed when two lines meet or intersect at a point….30 Degree Angle.

1. What is a 30-Degree Angle?
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Is possible to construct an angle of 35 using ruler and compass only?

(b) No. It is because we cannot draw an angle of 70° using a compass and a ruler (here, half of 70° is 35°).

What is the complement of a 35 degree?

hence 55 degrees is the complementary angle of 35 degree.

What is the supplement of a 35 degree angle?

Supplementary angles’ measures have a sum of 180˚ . Call the unknown supplementary angle’s measure x . Subtract 35 from both sides. The supplementary angle is 145˚.

Is it possible to construct an angle 35 using ruler and compass only?

How do you measure 45 degrees without a protractor?

How to Figure Out a 45-Degree Angle

  1. Mark a piece of paper (or whatever surface you are working on) with a right angle.
  2. Measure off a distance (the length is unimportant) from the point of the angle, and mark it on one leg of the angle.
  3. Measure the length of the diagonal line and make a mark at its center point.

How do you measure degrees without a protractor?

To measure an acute angle without a protractor, start by drawing a vertical line connecting the 2 rays of the angle to form a right triangle. Note that the angle formed by the adjacent side of the triangle and the opposite side measures 90 degrees. Next, measure the length of the adjacent side to find the run.

How do you construct a 37.5 degree angle?

If you divide the 30° angle in half, you’ll get a 15° angle. A 75° angle is formed by joining the 60° and 15° angles. 75° is twice the 37.5-degree. When you divide the 75° angle in half, you get 37.5-degree.

Is 35 degree and 55 degree are complementary angle?

The sum is equal to 90°. Therefore, 35° and 55° are a pair of complementary angles.

What is the complement of angle 36?

So, the measure of the compliment of angle of 36 degree is 54 degree. Answer.

What is the measure of an angle whose measure is 35 degree less than its supplement?

Answer. → hence the required angle is 27.5 °.

Which of the following angle can be constructed with the help of a ruler and a compass?

Option C :67.5°