What are the 9 phases in the precede proceed model?

What are the 9 phases in the precede proceed model?


PRECEDE phases PROCEED phases
Phase 1 – Social Diagnosis Phase 5 – Implementation
Phase 2 – Epidemiological, Behavioral & Environmental Diagnosis Phase 6 – Process Evaluation
Phase 3 – Educational & Ecological Diagnosis Phase 7 – Impact Evaluation

What is the PRECEDE-PROCEED planning model?

PRECEDE-PROCEED provides a template for the process of conceiving, planning, implementing, and evaluating a community intervention. PRECEDE-PROCEED is structured as a participatory model, to incorporate the ideas and help of the community.

What type of model is the precede proceed model?

Purpose of PRECEDE/PROCEED model: It is participatory model and involves community participation. Content, methods/media for a particular program is selected according to need.

What is Pender’s health promotion theory?

Pender’s health promotion model defines health as “a positive dynamic state not merely the absence of disease.” Health promotion is directed at increasing a client’s level of well-being. It describes the multi-dimensional nature of persons as they interact within the environment to pursue health.

What are the eight beliefs of Pender’s health promotion model?

The model also describes eight behavior-specific beliefs which are believed to determine the health-promoting behavior and are proposed as targets for behavior change interventions: (1) perceived benefits of action, (2) perceived barriers to action, (3) perceived self-efficacy, (4) activity-related affect, (5) …

What is the main purpose of Pender’s health promotion model?

Pender’s Health Promotion model serves as a tool for nurses to plan behavioral modification interventions in order to assist in the improvement and prevention of unhealthy behaviors. A major focus of nursing is encouraging health-promoting behaviors.

What is Pender’s model?

Pender’s model focuses on three areas: individual characteristics and experiences, behavior-specific cognitions and affect, and behavioral outcomes. The theory notes that each person has unique personal characteristics and experiences that affect subsequent actions.

What is Pender’s theory?

What is HPM model?

Background: The Health Promotion Model (HPM) indicates that each person is a biopsychosocial creature that is partially shaped by the environment, but also seeks to create an environment in which inherent and acquired human potential can be fully expressed.

What is Penders model?