What does f1 mean on GSXR?

What does f1 mean on GSXR?

The FI is for Fuel Injection on the ’06’s. I would assume it’s the same for all. My red light and indicator came on this morning, I let it run for 15 mins. I shut the bike off, then restarted it, and now it’s off. Try to same and when the bike gets up to a good temp, rev the throttle to 7 or 8 rpms.

How do you clear f1 code on GSXR?

Fi codes can be reset by jumping the pins on the white service plug under the pillion seat. It is a white plug with grey foam on it, under pillion seat on right hand side (If you are sitting on it). Turn on ignition and then off, then on again.

What is f1 in access 125?

The Fi stands for the fuel injection which is a fuel supply type. Previously, the Access 125 featured a carbureted fuel supply type and in comparison the Fi offers better performance and improved mileage.

What is FI in bike?

Fuel Injection (FI): How Does It Work Fuel injection system comprises a complex set of electronic components and sensors. The system depends on a fuel pump to control the flow of fuel to the combustion chamber. This fuel pump is located inside the fuel tank of the bike.

What is FI in vehicle?

Fuel injection is the introduction of fuel in an internal combustion engine, most commonly automotive engines, by the means of an injector.

How many quarts of oil does a GSXR 750 take?

Remove the oil fill cap from the right side crankcase cover, then fill the engine with 2.6 quarts of 10W-40 motorcycle oil and reinstall the oil fill cap.

What is Suzuki Fi?

Suzuki Eco Performance is a cutting edge culmination of Suzuki Engine Technologies, coupled with Suzuki Fuel Injection (FI) System to achieve the best of both worlds – Maximum Power and Optinum Fuel. S = Suzuki.

Is FI cleaning necessary?

Generally, any vehicle built-in 2004 or after should have a fuel injection cleaning every 45,000 miles or three years. Automobiles older than that might need the fuel injectors cleaned more often for optimal engine performance.