What does it was not in vain mean?

What does it was not in vain mean?

phrase. If you say that something such as someone’s death, suffering, or effort was in vain, you mean that it was useless because it did not achieve anything. He wants the world to know his son did not die in vain. See full dictionary entry for vain. Synonyms of.

What does the phrase in vain mean?

to no end : without success or result
in vain. 1 : to no end : without success or result her efforts were in vain. 2 : in an irreverent or blasphemous manner Being a religion writer, I have always tried to avoid using the Lord’s name in vain. I have not always succeeded.β€” Don Lattin β€” see also take in vain.

What is the synonym of in vain?

successfully. 2’his efforts were in vain’ futile, useless, pointless, to no purpose, worthless, nugatory. ineffective, ineffectual, inefficacious, impotent, powerless, unavailing, to no avail, fruitless, profitless, unproductive. unsuccessful, without success, abortive.

What does talking in vain mean?

Speak casually or idly of someone, as in There he goes, taking my name in vain again. This idiom originated as a translation from the Latin of the Vulgate Bible (Exodus 20:7), β€œto take God’s name in vain,” and for a time was used only to denote blasphemy and profanity.

What is the opposite of being vain?

What is the opposite of vain?

modest humble
easily embarrassed unpretentious
unassuming lowly
self-effacing unarrogant
unselfish selfless

How can you tell if someone is vain?

Vanity, Defined

  1. Zero Acknowledgement of Past Mistakes.
  2. Totally Self-Absorbed In Their Beauty.
  3. Impossible To Advice But Loves To Give It.
  4. Totally Careless About Consequences.
  5. Loves Being The Center of Attention.
  6. Always Complimenting Themselves.
  7. Offensive, Rude, And Mean To The Extreme.
  8. Vain People Befriend Vain People.

How do I know if I am vain?

Is it okay to be vain?

In other words, if you’re vain, say the experts, you’re more likely to make the lifestyle choices that will benefit your health (even if health is sort of a side effect or added bonus of working out).

How do you know if a guy is vain?

He talks badly about people. No one wants to be with someone who’s constantly saying rude and obnoxious things. If he’s always judging people or bad-mouthing his friends, it’s a strong reflection of his personality. He’s likely trying to make himself look better by putting everyone around him down.

Is Vain an insult?

And thus, “vain” is an insult to anyone who understands the word. It is often used as quite a mild insult, I think (like a lighter, relatively benign form of arrogance), but can also be used a quite harsh description. Show activity on this post. Vain does not mean thoughtless, empty-headed, or useless.

Is being vain negative?

“Vain”, when used to describe a person, is generally considered to be negative, since vanity is considered to be a moral failing (though certainly one that everyone possesses to a degree). But the word can be used in other contexts: “We tried to get that tree to grow, but all our efforts were in vain.”

How do you know if a girl is vain?

Is vain positive?

Are you a narcissist?

Narcissistic personality disorder involves a pattern of self-centered, arrogant thinking and behavior, a lack of empathy and consideration for other people, and an excessive need for admiration. Others often describe people with NPD as cocky, manipulative, selfish, patronizing, and demanding.

Who is a vain girl?

excessively proud of or concerned about one’s own appearance, qualities, achievements, etc.; conceited: a vain dandy. proceeding from or showing pride in or concern about one’s appearance, qualities, etc.; resulting from or displaying vanity: He made some vain remarks about his accomplishments.