What happened to Sarah in paranormal activity next of kin?

What happened to Sarah in paranormal activity next of kin?

Instead of following custom by forcing her to give up Margot to an adoptive family, she instead left her at a hospital, and Sarah is now assumed dead. Through drone footage, Margot’s team later finds a church which holds a warning to stay away, but Jacob arrives to prevent them from entering.

Who is Sarah paranormal activity?

Georgica Pettus
Paranormal Activity 4 (2012) – Georgica Pettus as Sarah – IMDb.

Is Wyatt a hunter?

The little brother of Alex in the movie is actually Hunter but named “Wyatt”. One theory about Wyatt: She (Katie) moved him in with the family to get him a real life until it was the right time. Then Robbie moved in across the street in order to get “Hunter” ready for his role.

What did the letter say in Next of Kin?

After she fell in love with the outsider, the family shunned her. Margot shows Jacob the letter she found and asks what it means, to which he says that Sarah was “forced” to give Margot away. Margot, Chris, and Dale later walk through the woods and come across a chapel built in the middle of the area.

What happened to Margot at the end of Next of Kin?

What Happens to Margot’s Ritual In Next of Kin? The cult’s deceived Margot, luring her back not to reunite with her kin but to be a sacrifice. The demon’s meant to transfer from her decaying mom, Sarah, under the forest church and into Margot via an occult ritual.

What did the letter in Paranormal Activity say?

What did the letter in paranormal activity say?

Who is Margot’s mom in paranormal activity?

That’s what happened to Margot’s mother, Sarah, who she finds in a terrifying cavern below the creepy church. Each woman acts as a vessel, of sorts, to keep Asmodeus contained, and the plan is for Margot to become the next one. Emily Bader in PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: NEXT OF KIN from Paramount Players.