What is Izabela Vidovic?

What is Izabela Vidovic?


Year Title Role
2015 Halo: The Fall of Reach Linda (Teen)
2015–2018 The Fosters Taylor Shaw
2017–2021 Supergirl Young Kara
2018 iZombie Isobel

How old is Izabela Vidovic wonder?

21 years (May 27, 2001)Izabela Vidovic / Age

Who plays Maddie on Veronica Mars?

Izabela Vidovic
Veronica Mars (TV Series 2004–2019) – Izabela Vidovic as Matty Ross – IMDb.

Who played Maddie in Homefront?

Homefront (2013) – Izabela Vidovic as Maddy Broker – IMDb.

Who plays Ruby on Supergirl?

Emma Tremblay
Supergirl (TV Series 2015–2021) – Emma Tremblay as Ruby Arias – IMDb.

Who is the sister in Wonder?

Olivia “Via” Pullman is a main character in Wonder. She is the older sister of August and the daughter of Isabel and Nate Pullman. She is a student at Faulkner High School, where she met Justin who became her boyfriend.

When Was Izabela Vidovic born?

May 27, 2001 (age 21 years)Izabela Vidovic / Date of birth

Who is Taylor Shaw in the Fosters?

Izabela Vidovic: Taylor Shaw Jump to: Photos (47)

What happens to Teedo in Homefront?

Broker manages to escape and defeat his captors, but before he and Maddy can leave town, the gang members arrive. Though Broker ambushes and kills most of the gang members, Teedo is critically injured while helping Broker and Maddy escape.

How old is Hope Mikaelson real life?

Danielle Rose Russell was born in 1999 According to IMDb, Russell was born on Oct. 31, 1999, which makes her 21 as of May 2021. Her first credited role came when she was about 15 years old on A Walk Among the Tombstones with Liam Neeson.

Does Reign’s daughter have powers?

Abilities. Bilingualism: Ruby is capable of fluently speaking English and some French. Cooking: Ruby has proficient skill in cooking, having made dinner for her family at least once. She also personally prepared a tater tot hot-dish for Alex Danvers.

What is Sam in Supergirl?

Samantha “Sam” Arias (born 1979) is a former Kryptonian Worldkiller known as Reign, who was sent to Earth prior to Krypton’s destruction. She was found by Patricia Arias, who raised her as her daughter.

Who plays Connor’s girlfriend in The Fosters?

Daria is portrayed by Madison Pettis.