What percentage of game 1 winners win the series NHL?

What percentage of game 1 winners win the series NHL?

69.1 percent
Here are the stats: In NHL best-of-seven series, the winner of Game 2 has gone 381-150 — winning 71.8 percent of the series. Game 1 winners have gone 367-164 — a 69.1 percent winning percentage.

How many people watched the NHL Finals 2020?

Monday’s clinching Stanley Cup Final Game 6 (Lightning-Stars) averaged a 1.7 rating and 2.88 million viewers on NBC (2.95M including streaming), marking the highest rated and most-watched game of the series, but the lowest rated and least-watched Cup clincher in at least two decades.

How many people watched the NHL championship?

The complete five-game Stanley Cup Final averaged 2.43 million viewers (2.52M including additional streaming data). The latter figure is up 17% from last year’s six-game series (2.15M) but down 54% from the seven-game series in 2019 (5.47M).

Which NHL team gets the most viewers?

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# NHL Team Number of Fans
1 Chicago Blackhawks 2,735,079
2 Boston Bruins 2,141,162
3 Pittsburgh Penguins 1,981,607
4 Detroit Red Wings 1,937,141

Has there ever been a 4-0 sweep in the Stanley Cup?

1998 Stanley Cup Finals – Wikipedia.

Has there ever been a 4-0 sweep in the NHL finals?

Only four times since all postseason series were expanded to best-of-seven in 1987 has a Stanley Cup Playoff series gone without a sweep (1991, 2002, 2016, 2020)….NHL Stanley Cup Playoff Sweeps.

Year: Sweeps (Round) Year: Sweeps (Round)
2001: 3 (2P, 1Q) 2020: 0
2002: 0 2021: 3 (2P, 1Q)
2003: 2 (1P, 1S)
2004: 1 (1Q)

What is the most-watched Stanley Cup Finals?

Stanley Cup Playoff games televised on TNT and TBS averaged 812,000 viewers across 25 telecasts and is the most-watched Round 1 on cable ever, up 60% vs. 2021 Round 1 on cable, and up 27% vs. 2019.

Are hockey ratings up?

First-round games averaged 768,000 viewers across ESPN, ESPN2, TNT and TBS, , according to the NHL. That figure is a 58% increase from last year’s first round and a 20% increase compared to the pre-pandemic 2019 postseason — both of which were televised on NBCSN, CNBC and USA.

What Canadian sports team sells the most merchandise?

Which team is selling the most merchandise in Canada? The Montreal Canadiens, who represent 25% of the NHL-related purchases by Canadians, with the Leafs and Oilers tying for second at 20% each. Last season not single Canadian team made it into the Stanley Cup Playoffs.