What song does Ellie play at the farm?

What song does Ellie play at the farm?

Ecstasy – Crooked Still (covered by Ellie) Ellie plays this one as part of one of the guitar minigames when she’s having trouble sleeping, at the farm with Dina and JJ.

What song is Nora listening to in the last of us 2?

10 Nora Is a Hip-Hop Fan If players pay attention closely, Ice Cube’s signature song, “It Was a Good Day,” could be heard, blaring from the room below Ellie.

What is the song Ellie sings in The Last of Us 2 trailer?

True Faith
The trailer featured Ellie, voiced by Ashley Johnson, singing a stylized cover of New Order’s “True Faith,” similar to Kestner’s. The original “True Faith” is an upbeat synth song, whereas Kestner’s cover has a slow, acoustic melody.

What does JJ stand for in the last of us 2?

The beginning of The Last of Us Part 2’s final act sees Ellie and Dina living on a farm with their baby, J.J. It’s never really addressed, but “J.J.” is short for Jesse Joel, a name commemorating two of the fallen characters in the game.

Is Nora Marlene’s daughter?

The speculation about her being Riley doesn’t add-up thanks to the ending of Left Behind, nor does the familial relationship with Marlene as the Firefly leader was never shown having a daughter or sister.

What song is Ellie singing in trailer?

It’s called ‘Through The Valley’, a dark folk tune originally written by Shawn James and performed by the game’s protagonist, Ellie, in a 2016 reveal trailer.

Why did Dina get pregnant?

Near the end of Dina and Jesse’s relationship, the two had a sexual encounter that resulted in Dina becoming pregnant with JJ. She revealed her pregnancy to Ellie near the end of their first day in Seattle while they were sheltered inside a theater, thus explaining Dina’s recent bouts of sickness.

Who is Marlene to Ellie?

Marlene revealed to Ellie that she was a close friends with her mother, and gave her a switchblade before sending the two back to the boarding school. Marlene changed her tone and recruited Riley into the Fireflies, and had her kill an infected during her initiation.