When was the Ibanez Jem made?

When was the Ibanez Jem made?

The Ibanez JEM is an electric guitar manufactured by Ibanez and first produced in 1987. The guitar’s most notable user is its co-designer, Steve Vai. As of 2010, there have been five sub-models of the JEM: the JEM7, JEM77, JEM777, JEM555, JEM333, and JEM70V.

Are JEMJR good?

Well, the bottom line is that it leads to saying that the JEMJR is a very playable instrument. After admiring the aesthetics of the Tree of Life earlier, I’d like to highlight that it’s also very lovely to play over. The frets are smooth at the edges, and the finish on the fingerboard itself is perfectly smooth too.

How much is Steve Vai JEM?

$ 499 .99
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Left-/Right-handed Right-handed Right-handed
Body Type Solidbody Solidbody
Body Shape JEM Steve Vai Signature
Body Material Meranti Meranti

How many frets does an Ibanez JEM have?

24 frets
The JEM guitars were developed from this model, which was later produced under the Ibanez brand. It featured a semi-hollow body, Floyd Rose tremolo bridge, 24 frets, and the 25.5-inch scale length – all of which were the specs that Vai desired.

Where is Ibanez JEMJR made?

The JEMJR, also referred to as the JEM Jr., is a solid body electric guitar introduced by Ibanez for 2015. It is a signature model of American guitarist Steve Vai and part of Vai’s JEM series. It is produced in Indonesia as the most affordable JEM model.

What tremolo is on the JEMJR?

It has a basswood body with a monkey grip handle and lion’s claw tremolo rout bolted to a maple Wizard II neck with a 24-fret rosewood fingerboard with dot position markers.

How many frets does an Ibanez Jem have?

What pickups are in a JEM JR?

Components include Ibanez Quantum pickups mounted in a pickguard with a pair of humbuckers flanking a single-coil, a double locking tremolo bridge, a locking nut and an angled output jack.

Are JEM JR good?