Where is the best place for retro football shirts?

Where is the best place for retro football shirts?

10 Best Sites to Buy Retro Football Shirts

  • Toffs.
  • Classic11.
  • Kitbag.
  • The Kitman.
  • Classic-shirts.
  • Retrofootball.
  • 3Retro.
  • Copa.

Is classic football shirts authentic?

Our products are 100% authentic and original from the seasons they were created for.

Can you sell retro football shirts?

Finding your shirt’s value. If you think it’s time to sell your old football shirt, one of the best places to look is eBay. Type in the team name and the year the kit was made.

Should I buy fake football shirts?

It’s widely acknowledged that the counterfeit industry is linked to organised crime and provides poor working conditions for those producing the shirts. By buying any counterfeit item you are depriving the legitimate brand owner of revenue, which will reduce their profits and could lead to job losses.

Is Classic 11 football shirts legit?

“Classic11 Football Shirts are the best in the business! Top quality range of shirts, and great prices. Tom from customer service was extremely helpful, and I got my shirt delivered in time for an event in a busy period! Will definitely be using again!”

Can you sell shirts on classic football shirts?

Yes, we buy shirts too! Please email [email protected] with photos of any shirts you are looking to sell.

What can I do with old football shirts?

Here are four great ways to help old football shirts re-live their glory days.

  • Bank it. There are loads of textile banks where you can take your old, unwanted football shirts.
  • Pass it on. If you don’t have a textile bank near you, there are plenty of other options.
  • Give and go.
  • Easy does it.

Is it illegal to sell fake football shirts?

It is not illegal to unknowingly buy a counterfeit item, but the law is slightly greyer when it comes to knowingly buying something that is clearly a counterfeit item. It is certainly illegal to knowingly sell counterfeit items.

Are footy classics reliable?

They don’t offer any details of how to return (on the website or in the package delivered) and do not reply to any emails. This is basically a criminal scam.