Who built Cheruthoni dam?

Who built Cheruthoni dam?

This dam was constructed as part of the Idukki Hydroelectric Project along with two other dams at Idukki and Kulamavu. The project was completed with Canadian aid. The Government of Canada aided the Project with long-term loans and grants.

Where did Idukki dam located?

It is built on the Periyar River, in the ravine between the Kuravan and Kurathi Hills in Kerala, India. At 167.68 metres, it is one of the highest arch dams in Asia and third tallest arch dam.

Which is the first concrete dam in Kerala?

Mullaperiyar Dam
Mullaperiyar Dam – first concrete dam of Kerala : The dam is built on Periyar River in 1895 by Madras State, now Tamil Nadu.

In which river is Cheruthoni dam?

the Periyar River
Cheruthoni (ചെറുതോണി) is a town on the banks of Cheruthoni River, a major tributary of the Periyar River, the second longest river in Kerala state, India. The area is known by Cheruthoni Dam, which is a part of Idukki reservoir, which provide hydroelectric power to the region.

When was Cheruthoni dam built?

1976Cheruthoni Dam / Opened

Which was the first dam built in India?

Kallanai Dam
Kallanai Dam built across the Kaveri river of Tamil Nadu is the oldest dam (first dam) in India. It is also known as the Grand Anicut.

Who built Idukki dam?

107.5 crore project, built and managed by the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB), was commissioned by the then Prime minister of India, Indira Gandhi in 1976. It took 220 lakh man days to complete the project.

What is the history of Idukki dam?

It is constructed and owned by the Kerala State Electricity Board. It supports a 780 MW hydroelectric power station in Moolamattom, which started generating power on 4 October 1975….

Idukki dam
Construction began 30 April 1968
Opening date February 1973
Owner(s) Kerala State Electricity Board
Dam and spillways

Who made Idukki Dam?

It supports a 780 MW hydroelectric power station in Moolamattom, which started generating power on 4 October 1975. The dam type is a concrete, double curvature parabolic, thin arc dam. The Indo-Canadian project was inaugurated by the Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on February 17, 1976….

Idukki dam
Installed capacity 780 MW

What is the difference between Cheruthoni Dam and Idukki dam?

The Idukki Dam is a double curvature arch dam constructed across Periyar River in a narrow gorge between two granite hills and is the tallest double curvature arch dam in Asia. Cheruthoni Dam is located 1 km west of Idukki dam. The spill way of the Idukki Reservoir is in the Cheruthoni dam.

Which country helped to build Idukki dam?

The construction began in 1969 and the dam was commissioned in 1976 by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Built over the Periyar river, it is one of the highest arch dams in Asia. Built along with the Cheruthoni and Kulamavu dams, the Canadian government had aided the construction of the dam.

When did Idukki dam first opened?

February 1973Idukki Dam / Opened

Where Nagarjuna Sagar dam is situated?

Nalgonda District
World’s largest masonry dam protected with 26 gates measuring 124.663m in height , Nagarjunasagar Dam located in Nalgonda District is built across River Krishna.

On which river Gandhi Sagar dam is constructed?

the Chambal River
Gandhisagar Dam is situated at a distance of 168 Km. from the District headquarter. The Dam is constructed on the Chambal River. Foundation stone for the construction of Gandhi Sagar Dam / Power Station in the District was laid by the Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on the 7th March, 1954.