Who won the national cheerleading competition in 2021?

Who won the national cheerleading competition in 2021?

At the end, Navarro scored a 98.0708, and Trinity Valley won with a 98.2292.

Who won the national Cheer competition?

Xavier University of Louisiana’s Cheer Team won the 2022 NAIA National Championship Competitive Cheer title with the highest point total in the event’s history.

Who won the NCAA cheerleading competition 2020?

All-star choreographer Brad Vaughan, who worked with Monica for 13 years, left Navarro for TVCC. Nonetheless, Navarro came out victorious this time. 2020: Nationals are canceled due to COVID-19. As we saw in Cheer, the 2020 NCA National Championship was canceled for the first time in 40 years, thanks to COVID-19.

Did Navarro cheer win Nationals 2022?

The Oklahoma State cheer squad took home the national championship at the National Cheerleaders Association college nationals on Friday in the Advanced Large Coed IA division. The 22-time national champions took the title after finishing second in the prelims behind Texas Tech with a score of 96.2963.

What place did Navarro Cheer get in 2020?

So, did Navarro win last year? Sadly, Navarro did not win. The team placed second behind the Trinity Valley Cardinal Cheerleaders, according to CBS 19. TVCC finished ahead of Navarro with a final score of 98.9667 points, bringing home their 12th national title.

Is Jerry from Cheer still in jail?

Since his September 2020 arrest, Jerry Harris, now 22 years old, has been held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago. In October 2020, a judge denied him bond, suggesting Harris is a danger to the community. He will remain in prison until his sentencing, which is set for June 28.

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