Who wore 87 for Washington Redskins?

Who wore 87 for Washington Redskins?

He died two months later….Jerry Smith (tight end)

No. 87
NFL Draft: 1965 / Round: 9 / Pick: 118
AFL Draft: 1965 / Round: 18 / Pick: 141 (by the Kansas City Chiefs)
Career history
Washington Redskins (1965–1977)

Who wore 98 for the Redskins?

Darrell Green

Tackles: 1,159
Interceptions: 54
Touchdowns: 6

Who wore #83 for Washington Redskins?

Santana Moss

No. 83, 89
NFL Draft: 2001 / Round: 1 / Pick: 16
Career history
New York Jets (2001–2004) Washington Redskins (2005–2014)
Career highlights and awards

How old is Terry mclaurin?

26 years (September 15, 1995)Terry McLaurin / Age

Who wore 88 on the Redskins?

Pierre Garcon
Redskins by the (Jersey) Numbers: #88 – Pierre Garcon.

Who wore 95 for the Redskins?

When you’re one of the rookies on an NFL team, it may be hard to get the jersey number that you wanted. WASHINGTON (WUSA) — When you’re one of the rookies on an NFL team, it may be hard to get the jersey number that you wanted.

Who wore 82 for the Redskins?

Redskins by the (Jersey) Numbers: #82 – Michael Westbrook.

How old is Courtland Sutton?

26 years (October 10, 1995)Courtland Sutton / Age

Who wore 23 for the Redskins?

DeAngelo Hall
Before last year’s Redskins-Jets game, he credited Joe Gibbs with helping him make it in the NFL. The No. 22 also was worn by running back Charlie “Choo Choo” Justice from 1950-1954, and cornerback Carlos Rogers from 2005-10. 23 DeAngelo Hall, CB, 2008-present.

Who wore number 23 for the Redskins?

23 DeAngelo Hall, CB, 2008-17. He’s a three-time Pro Bowler and holds the NFL record for most interceptions in a game, with four. But he only barely wins the spot here – Brig Owens also wore 23, and his Super Bowl VII interception is one of the biggest plays in team history.

How old is rondale Moore?

22 years (June 9, 2000)Rondale Moore / Age

Where is Elijah Moore today?

New York JetsElijah Moore / Current team (#8 / Wide receiver)

How old is Tim Patrick?

28 years (November 23, 1993)Tim Patrick / Age

Did the Redskins win last night?

The Redskins won 17–10, after taking an early 14–0 lead, which they thought they lost until replay showed that a touchdown, which would have tied the game, was an incomplete pass. In that game, the Redskins broke the record for fewest offensive yards (120) gained in a playoff victory, with one of their two touchdowns being from a defensive run after a fumble recovery.

How many Super Bowls have the Redskins won?

The Miami Dolphins won Super Bowl XII in the same Coliseum six years later in 1973, beating the Washington Redskins. The Super Bowl’s Los Angeles site moved to the Rose Bowl in 1977 for the Oakland Raiders’ victory over the Minnesota Vikings.

Why did the Redskins change their name?

Why did the Washington Redskins change their name? The team formerly known as the Redskins are zeroing in on a new name. Washington owner Dan Snyder made it official on July 13, as the team is looking to move on from the offensive, racist and derogatory team name amid financial pressure from sponsors and, equally as important, pressure from Native Americans who wanted the team to abandon the name.

Who is number 21 on the Redskins?

Washington Redskins kick return specialist Mike Nelms (21) carries the football during the Redskins 27 – 17 victory over the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl XVII on January 30, 1983 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. Who was Sean Taylor married to?