Why do Chicagoans drink Malort?

Why do Chicagoans drink Malört?

Malört hasn’t become much of an export—more than 90 percent is sold in Cook County—and instead is a calling card for Chicagoans to prove their worth and that of their visitors and guests. The bitter, herbal spirit is said to have some remedy for digestive issues and even hangovers, rooted in its Scandinavian heritage.

Can you only buy Malört in Chicago?

Malört is known for its bitter taste. It can be found in some Chicago-area taverns and liquor stores, and is growing in popularity there, but is hard to find elsewhere in the United States.

What kind of alcohol is Malört?

Malört is as old as Vikings, it’s the kind of strong bitter potion that got them through long winters and rough waters. It is made in the style known as bäsk brännvin — meaning Scandinavian for liquor distilled from potatoes, grain, or wood. It translates to “bitter distilled spirit” in Swedish.

Can you buy Malört outside of Chicago?

Up until recently, you could get the stuff only in the Chicago area, where it was produced by a single family-owned company, but the brand sold in 2018 to the CH Distillery (still located in Chicago), and it’s slightly more available now. In Seattle, you can find it at the Black Cat Bar downtown (2132 First Ave.).

What Malört tastes like?

“It’s like if shame and regret were left to ferment before being distilled through an old, sweaty shoe,” one reader said. A bottle of Jeppson’s Malört shown in 2009. We asked Sun-Times readers to describe the spirit’s taste, prompting answers of “sweat,” “grapefruit,” “gasoline” and more.

How expensive is Malört?


Size 750ML
Proof 70.00

What Malört taste like?

saffron and yellow fruit characteristics are secondary to notes of fusel oil and burning lanolin—both of which come right out, full force. On the palate it is harsh, fiery, waxy and very savory tastes like a dry, more affordably version of Suze, with additional bitter herbs …

How expensive is Malort?

Do they sell Malort in Florida?

This year, CH will inflict Malort upon four new markets: Milwaukee, Madison, Indianapolis and Kansas City. Chicago area stores, for now, will likely still be selling the final bottles from Florida, where production has ended.

Do people actually enjoy Malört?

Yet, although rare, some people actually like the taste. Lindsey Wallace, a transplant to Chicago, is a fan of the flavor: “I do like Malört,” she explains. “Now, I don’t have a bottle at my house, and I drink it only occasionally.

Why is Malört a Chicago thing?

It’s a Swedish-style schnapps distilled with the flavor of wormwood. (deeply ironic YUM sound) The word itself is actually just Swedish for wormwood. The drink was first used as a medicine in the Middle Ages. Much later, Malort made its way to Chicago by way of one particular Swedish immigrant, Carl Jeppson.

How much does a shot of Malört cost?


Price $19.99
Origin Illinois

Why is Malort a Chicago thing?

How would you describe the taste of Malört?

It has an intensely bitter and astringent taste, which is why it’s often served neat over ice iced tea. It tastes like licorice, which sounds tasty enough, but it’s not sweet licorice; there’s an herbal bitterness to it. What is this? That bitterness is most likely what gives Malört its signature taste and color.