Are 7 and 8 speed hubs the same?

Are 7 and 8 speed hubs the same?

7 speed freehub is about 5 mm narrower, but all the old 7 and 8 speed cassettes will fit both 7 and 8 speed freehubs.

Can you put an 8 speed cassette on a 10 speed hub?

Nope! 8, 9, 10 are all the same size cassette and freehub. A 7 speed would need a spacer.

Can I put a 8 speed cassette on a 7 speed bike?

“Any 7-speed Shimano Hyperglide Freehub will actually work with 8 or 9 sprockets, without any modification! What you need to do is to use 8 of the sprockets from a 9-speed cassette, with the 9-speed spacers — or 9 of the sprockets from a 10-speed cassette.

Can you put a 8-speed cassette on a 9 speed hub?

the answer is also yes. so you’re telling me, i can put a 9 spd cassette where my current 8 spd one is. Yes. 8 and 9 speed cassettes are interchangeable.

Are all 8 speed cassettes interchangeable?

Most Shimano-compatible freewheel bodies accept 8-speed cassettes.. Note the following exceptions: Aluminum 10-speed freehub bodies with taller splines work only with 10-speed sprockets. The wider 8-speed cassette does not fit on the narrower 7-speed body.

Can you use a 10 speed chain on a 8 speed bike?

A 10 speed chain should work on an 8-speed drivetrain. if you want 10 speeds, you will need a 10 speed-specific chain, cassette, derailleur and shifter (and a new cable while you’re at it).

Will 8 speed fit on a 7 speed?

7-speed cassettes fit fine on 8- and 9-speed (and most 10-speed) hubs if you put a 4.5 mm spacer onto the body before the cassette.

Can I use 8 speed Rd on 7 speed cassette?

8 speed shifter and cassette, 7 speed derailleur? You’ll be fine. There’s no “probably” about it. 6-, 7- and 8-speed gear is all cross-compatible in terms of chain width.

Are Shimano 8 and 9 speed compatibility?

Shimano derailleur compatibility Most 8- and 9-speed Shimano mountain bike and road kit is inter-compatible because they both use the same cable pull ratio. This means that you can use an 8 -or 9-speed mountain bike derailleur with road shifters or vice versa.

Can I fit a 9 speed cassette on an 8 speed hub?

Yes. 8 and 9 speed cassettes are interchangeable.

Will a 10 speed rear derailleur work with an 8 speed cassette?

You will need a 10 spd rear derailleur to work with a 10 spd cassette, because the spacing is smaller with a 10 spd setup. You will need a 10 speed chain for a 10 speed setup, a 9 speed chain for a 9 speed setup and any 8 speed chain will work on 8-7-6 speed or lower.