Are Ace and TJ married?

Are Ace and TJ married?

Ace married his wife Amanda on January 4, 2021 and is the father of two, daughter Payton (deceased) and son Cade, and loves both of them almost as much as he loves Louisiana State University and all LSU sports teams.

Where is Ace and TJ now?

The show will remain based in the Charlotte area with a new studio being built in Mooresville. “We’re just taking full ownership and control of everything,” Ace told the Observer. “It’s something we talked about doing for a long time and the opportunity has presented itself because the technology is now ready.”

How do I listen to Ace and TJ?

The Ace & TJ Show 24/7 Download Our Free iHeartRadio App! Listen To The Most Popular Podcasts On iHeartRadio!

Where is Sass Ace and TJ?

The Ace & TJ Show is a syndicated morning radio show originating out of Charlotte, North Carolina. It is mainly featured in the Southern United States, and mainly targets Southerners.

What happened ACE’s daughter?

MOORESVILLE, N.C. (AP) — The daughter of a radio show host in North Carolina has died in a car crash. Payton Alizabeth Cannon, 21, was killed just after midnight on Wednesday when her car veered off a road in Mooresville and hit a tree, news outlets reported.

What is Riggins real name?

Taylor Kitsch
Kitsch in April 2012
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How old is David Ace Cannon?

The Ace & TJ Show Co-hosts: David “Ace” Cannon, 49, Ritchie “TJ” Beams, 47. Station: 96.1 WHQC-FM, aka “Channel 96.1.” (Top 40; owned by iHeart Media.) On the air in Charlotte since: April 1998.

What are Ace and TJ real names?

Why was the TJ Show Cancelled?

Sad news from ENTERCOM Top 40 WODS (103.3 AMP RADIO)/BOSTON where THE TJ SHOW signed off for the last time on FRIDAY (4/3), following a seven year run, another victim of downsizing due to COVID-19.

Is the Ace and TJ Show Cancelled?

Show announces they will no longer be on 96.1, and that they will be moving towards a unique radio product. | Charlotte Observer.

What happened to Ace’s daughter Payton?

Payton Cannon, 21, was killed when her vehicle ran off the right side of Brawley School Road near Mooresville and hit a tree just after midnight on July 29. Payton is the daughter of David Cannon, better known as Ace from the Ace & TJ show that airs on Hits 96.1 in Charlotte.

Why did Ace and TJ leave?

What happened to ‘The Ace & TJ Show’? They’re leaving 96.1 for a new endeavor. After years as the main figures on iHeartMedia’s CHR “Hits 96.1” WHQC station, it appears that The Ace & TJ Show will finally be moving on to a new platform.

Who is Payton cannon?