Are ceiling fan blade arms interchangeable?

Are ceiling fan blade arms interchangeable?

No, ceiling fan blades are not interchangeable. It will typically depend on the fan model. Blades can only fit their designated model. Otherwise, if you purchase fan blades for your ceiling fan, you’ll most likely run into problems.

What are the arms of a ceiling fan called?

Blade irons (also known as blade brackets, blade arms, blade holders, or flanges), which hold the blades and connect them to the motor.

How can I tell what model my Hampton Bay fan is?

To find your model number, take off the cover of your bath fan and look on the inside of the housing for the sticker. If you can’t find the UPC/model number and you need assistance, please contact Hampton Bay.

How are ceiling fan blade arms measured?

Standing on a step ladder as needed, hold one end of a tape measure to the tip of a fan blade on a fully assembled fan. If the unit has an even number of ceiling fan blades, extend the tape measure to the end of the opposite blade and record the distance from tip to tip. This is the diameter.

How do you know what size ceiling fan you have?

Ceiling fans are measured by the full size of their blade span (also called blade sweep), which is the diameter of the circle that you see when the fan blades are in motion. Fan blade span reaches from the tip of one fan blade to the tip of the blade directly across.

Can you replace a broken ceiling fan blade?

Replacing Your Fan Blade Arm You may be able to fix the existing blade with a good adhesive or even a two-part epoxy if the break is just a chip or crack. However, if it’s corroded or broken, you’ll need to buy a new fan blade. You will need one that matches the size and design of the others.

Can I use fan with broken blade?

Do not use it. A missing blade destabilizes the rotor which can break the fan, cause really loud noise and vibrations, and possibly stall and short out your motherboard.