Are Chicago city stickers transferable?

Are Chicago city stickers transferable?

City Stickers are NOT transferable between individuals or companies. If the City Sticker displayed on your vehicle was purchased by the previous owner, or the City Sticker displays your old vehicle information, you are subject to fines for not complying with the Chicago Wheel Tax.

Can you get a Chicago city sticker with out of state plates?

For all in-person sales, you must bring either your Chicago City Vehicle Sticker Courtesy Reminder OR your State Vehicle Registration ID Card (in-state or out-of-state registrations are acceptable), along with your photo ID and proof of your current address.

What happens if you don’t have a city sticker in Chicago?

Chicago residents who use their vehicles in the city are required to buy and affix city stickers in their car windshields. Car owners who don’t comply can face a $200 ticket plus a $60 late fee.

Do I need a city sticker if I don’t live in Chicago?

If you don’t live in the city, and your car is registered outside the city, you are not required to buy a Chicago city sticker.

Can I buy a Chicago city sticker at a currency exchange?

Stickers can also be purchased at 350 community vendors throughout the city including currency exchanges and banks located within the city limits.

How much is a ticket for not having a Chicago city sticker?

Failure to comply with the Chicago Wheel Tax program may result in a $200 ticket per day. Chicago residents living within an established Residential Parking Zone may be eligible to purchase a Residential Zone permit for their City Vehicle Sticker.

What do I need to get a city sticker in Chicago?

To purchase a Chicago City Vehicle Sticker in-person, you must bring your Chicago Vehicle Sticker Courtesy Reminder or your State Vehicle Registration ID, which includes your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and license plate information. *Vendors can charge a service fee of up to $5.50.

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