Are iFrogz earphones any good?

Are iFrogz earphones any good?

They’re comfortable, they sound pretty good, and they fit comfortably in my ears, which means most people with smaller ear canals can probably make use of them. If you want to snag your own Airtime Pro earbuds, you can head over to Zagg, where you can grab them for $69.99.

What company makes iFrogz earbuds?

Zagg, Inc.
iFrogz was a Utah-based manufacturer brand of Apple digital audio accessories, with an emphasis on phone cases….iFrogz.

Type Private
Key people Scott Huskinson – CEO and President
Products IPod#Accessories, Portable Media Player cases Headphones Speakers, etc.
Parent Zagg, Inc.

Does the iFrogz have a mic?

For affordable gym headphones, these iFrogz sound fantastic. There are built-in microphones for taking phone calls.

How long do iFrogz earbuds last?

iFrogz’s AIRTIME are “truly” wireless earbuds that are geared for sports and workouts with their IPX-4 water resistance and 3-hour run time. They come in a low-profile charging case that can charge the earbuds an additional 4 times, for a total of 15 hours of playtime.

How do I increase volume on Ifrogz?

How do I play music on my IFROGZ Plugz Wireless Earbuds?

  1. Press the Play button to begin playing your music.
  2. While music is playing, press Play quickly to pause it.
  3. Quick-press the Volume Up or Volume Down buttons to control your audio volume.

Does Ifrogz work with iPhone?

The charging case can be recharged with the included micro-USB cable. The charge case connects to power via the built-in microUSB port. I’ve found the built-in microphone to work just fine for calls on my iPhone XS Max and iPad Pro, as well as on a friend’s Galaxy S10.

Does iFrogz work with iPhone?

How long will the iFrogz headphones battery last?

about 3-4 hours
I know it may seem redundant, but I really enjoy the size and compactability of these earphones. Battery life is basic lasting about 3-4 hours.

How do I check battery on Ifrogz?

How Do I Check the Battery Level on My IFROGZ Truly Wireless Water-Resistant Earbuds?

  1. Open the top of the case.
  2. Press the battery button. The LED display will light according to how much battery remains: a. If it lights up completely, 75% or more remains. b.
  3. Recharge your case whenever you wish.

How do you answer a phone with IFROGZ earbuds?

How do I take calls with my IFROGZ Plugz Wireless Earbuds?

  1. Press the Play button to answer an incoming call.
  2. Press and hold the Play button for three seconds to send an incoming call to your voicemail.
  3. Press the Play button during a call to disconnect.

Where are the buttons on IFROGZ?

AIRTIME PRO has built-in touch navigational controls. Simply tap on the end of the earbud (on the IFROGZ logo) to navigate.

How do I know when my Ifrogz are fully charged?

How Do I Charge My IFROGZ Truly Wireless Water-Resistant Earbuds?

  1. Place them in the charge case.
  2. A red light on the earbuds will indicate charging. When the red light disappears, they are fully charged.
  3. Recharge the case if needed.

How long do Ifrogz take to charge?

To get the most out of your IFROGZ Resound Wireless headphones, we recommend charging them for at least three hours before using them for the first time. To charge your Resound, connect the micro USB end of the charging cable to your preferred USB outlet.

How do I adjust the volume on my IFROGZ earbuds?

How do you control IFROGZ earbuds?

AIRTIME PRO has built-in touch navigational controls. Simply tap on the end of the earbud (on the IFROGZ logo) to navigate. The case carries enough power to charge the earbuds up to 3 times.

How do I connect my Ifrogz to my Samsung?

Ensure your device’s Bluetooth® connection is on.

  1. Press and hold the Power button for five seconds until the light flashes red and blue, indicating pairing mode.
  2. On your device, select “IFROGZ Resound Wireless.” Complete any additional pairing steps based on your device.

How do you turn up the volume on Ifrogz?