Are Ilq 9 bearings good?

Are Ilq 9 bearings good?

For the price, the ILQ-9 Pros are outstanding bearings. They offer a great combination of speed, stability and durability. And they are race ready right out of the box (unlike the ILQ Classics, which need to be broken in.) They are not the absolute best bearings for racing.

Are Twincam bearings good?

The Twincam ILQ-7 bearing is a high performance 7-ball bearing. With Nylon retainers and metal shields protectors these are more durable than other bearings. The Japanese made Kyodo grease provides a superior lubricant which minimizes friction for a better roll.

Should I get ABEC 9 bearings?

ABEC 9 and higher bearings would be ridiculous to use in a skateboard unless you are doing downhill luge-style skating or something else where your goal is to go insanely fast. If you aren’t spending a fortune on these bearings, then don’t trust that they are, in fact, ABEC 9.

Is Ilq the same as ABEC?

ABEC and ILQ cannot be directly compared since ILQ is a brand name and ABEC is a standard. ABEC bearings are measured on the accuracy in production and not the durability or function under a load. Twincam, the manufacturer of ILQ rates the quality of their bearings on a scale similar to the ABEC scale.

Are Bones Reds ABEC 9?

We are often asked, “What ABEC rating are your bearings?” The answer is that “Bones Bearings are Skate Rated™ not ABEC rated.” Bones® Bearings are the skate industry leader and favorite choice of professional skaters, and have been since their development in 1981.

What bearings do pro skaters use?

What Are Best Skateboard Bearings?

  1. Bronson Speed Co. G2 (Winner)
  2. Bones Reds (Runner-up) Bones Reds are the most popular bearings because they are cheap and just work for all skateboards.
  3. Bronson G3.
  4. Bones Super Reds.
  5. Bronson Raw.
  6. Bronson Ceramics.
  7. Bones Swiss 6 balls.
  8. Bones Red Ceramics.