Are Kaywoodie pipes any good?

Are Kaywoodie pipes any good?

They are all good serviceable pipes, well manufactured, good smokers, and good looking in their own way, a little retro and a little folksy, but to me, all the better for it.

How do you date a Yello Bole pipe?

Tips for Dating Yello-Bole Pipes

  1. KBB stamped in the clover leaf indicates it was made in 1955 or earlier as they stopped this stamping after being acquired by S.M. Frank.
  2. Pipes from 1933-1936 they were stamped “Honey Cured Briar”
  3. Post 1936 pipes were stamped “Cured with Real Honey”

What is a Yello Bole?

Affordable tobacco pipes Today Yello Bole pipes are made of both brylon and briar and are made to be an affordable tobacco pipe for the every-man. Today Yello Bole tobacco pipes come in eight different lines. The brylon pipes are Ebony, Nova, Burley, Standard and Spartan series.

Who owns Dr Grabow?

1969 it was Dr. (Prices margin in the given order 1.50 – 10.00 $.) On Jan. 26th 2006 Nick Bumbacco, president of Lane Limited in Tucker, Georgia, announced the sale of the Sparta, North Carolina Dr. Grabow pipe factory – International Pipes & Accessories LLC.

Is Rossi a good pipe?

4.0 out of 5 stars Great pipe for a great price! Love this pipe, smokes great, affordable and looks amazing! I have a few Rossi pipes but this Rubino Antico is definitely the nicest looking of them all. Great finish and great design.

Are savinelli pipes any good?

Chamber and pipe stem lined up perfectly, finish was nearly perfect, couldn’t even find any wood fill spots or fixes in the briar. Had a few bird’s eye patches, even. I wish pipes of this quality didn’t have to cost quite this much but definitely better than any of the $50 or less pipes I’ve ever had.

What makes a kaywoodie super grain so special?

The early (original) Super Grains are particularly interesting not only because they were high quality briars, but because they were the only Kaywoodies (in the author’s knowledge) to have the logo inlaid in the shank of the pipe. The 1936 catalog “Introduces an entirely new principle in pipe-smoking, the new Kaywoodie Carburetor”.

What is a twin-Bowl kaywoodie?

The Twin-Bowl Kaywoodies were available in an all-meerschaum model (two removable inner bowls of meerschaum) and a meerschaum and Flame Grain model (outer bowl of flame grain briar and removable inner bowl of meerschaum).

Did kb&b have other names for the kaywoodie pipe?

William Lowndes, a well-known Kaywoodie Collector from California, suggests that KB&B may have experimented with other names before settling on “Kaywoodie”. Lowndes notes that he has an early KB&B Pipe stamped “Dinwoodie”. 3. Author’s Note: Lowndes suggests that the Kaywoodie “Drinkless” (screw-in filter) fitment was introduced about 1925.