Are men over Megan Fox?

Are men over Megan Fox?

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Did Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly get engaged?

(CNN) A toast is in order to actress Megan Fox and musician Machine Gun Kelly (though, you might want to bring your own beverage). The couple has announced they are engaged. Fox shared a video of the engagement on Instagram, which happened on January 11, and reflected on their courtship.

Who did Megan Fox play in Transformers?

In 2007, Fox won the lead female role of Mikaela Banes in the 2007 live-action film Transformers, based on the toy and cartoon saga of the same name. Fox played the love interest of Shia LaBeouf ‘s character Sam Witwicky.

Is Megan Fox a reluctant starlet?

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Why did Megan Fox say she didn’t want to be over-saturated?

In response to the media attention, Fox told magazine Nylon, in September of that year, that ” [the studio] wanted to make sure [the film] would make $700 million, so they oversaturated the media with their stars” and that she did not “want to have people get completely sick of [her] before [she’s] ever even done something legitimate.”

Is Megan Fox in the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

In 2016, Fox reprised her role of April O’Neil in the sequel Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows . On September 12, 2018, it was confirmed that Fox would star in the Korean War film The Battle of Jangsari, beside Korean actor Kim Myung-min.