Are there any Black-owned record labels?

Are there any Black-owned record labels?

Harry Pace started the first major Black-owned record label in the U.S., but his achievements went mostly unnoticed until recently, when his descendants uncovered his secret history.”

Who was the first Black person to own a record label?

This philosophy, while well-intentioned, would cause the company to struggle throughout its three-year run. Founded in New York in 1921, Black Swan was the first black-owned record company in the country.

Are there any Black-owned music distribution companies?

Jason Adams, more popularly known as “Jadams,” leads a thriving music empire in Mississippi. He is the CEO and Founder of the first black-owned music distribution company in the Southern parts of America. Mean Music is located in Jackson, Mississippi, where the foundations for American music were established.

What is the name of the black owned record company that signed the Jackson 5?

Motown enjoyed its greatest success between 1965 and 1968, when it dominated the Billboard charts. Although the company was never quite the force in the 1970s that it was in the ’60s (having lost several key performers), it was still a formidable enterprise with the Jackson 5, the Commodores, Wonder, and Ross.

Is Chess Records black Owned?

Honorable Mention: Chess Records (founders: Leonard and Phil Chess, 1950). Chess Records, while not black-owned or founded, was very instrumental in exclusively showcasing black artists, namely its own. Like Stax and Atlantic, it focused on R&B, blues, soul, and gospel, while also dabbling in early rock and roll.

Is Motown black owned?

Motown, in full Motown Record Corporation, also called Hitsville, recording company founded by Berry Gordy, Jr., in Detroit, Michigan, U.S., in January 1959 that became one of the most successful Black-owned businesses and one of the most influential independent record companies in American history.

What are Blue Label Records?

Blue Label Records is a true music lover’s label, bringing you high-quality music from all genres, from artists that are pushing the envelope. Everything we release is creative, unique and amazing, helping us connect artists and fans.

Is Motown black-owned?

Who runs Motown now?

Berry Gordy Jr., the former Detroit auto worker who built Motown Records into what was once the nation’s largest black-owned business, has sold the company for $61 million to MCA Inc. and Boston Ventures Limited Partnership, the companies announced Tuesday.

Who owns Cadillac Records?

Brothers Phil and Leonard Chess
Brothers Phil and Leonard Chess, who owned an upscale nightclub on Chicago’s South Side, began recording blues artists on their indie label Chess Records in the ’50s. “Cadillac” reduces this to a single brother, Leonard (Brody), and whizzes us through the brief but pivotal history of the label.

What is an A & R man?

An A&R (artists and repertoire) representative is responsible for finding promising new artists for a record label or music publisher to sign. Careers in the Recording Industry. Careers in Los Angeles.