Are there any blue coins in Delfino airstrip?

Are there any blue coins in Delfino airstrip?

The Blue Coin at the Airstrip After Shadow Mario floods Delfino Plaza, a man in a boat along the west docks of Delfino Plaza will offer to take you back to the Airstrip for 10 Coins. Return to the cabana whose doors you blew open when collecting the red coins, and melt the ice cube to reveal a Blue Coin.

How many blue coins are in Delfino airstrip?

There are twenty blue coins that cannot be found within specific levels, except for one in the airport, they are hidden around Delfino Plaza itself.

How many coins are in Delfino airstrip?

This page of IGN’s Super Mario Sunshine Walkthrough contains the locations of every Blue Coin in Delfino Plaza. Though most worlds in Super Mario Sunshine contain a total of 30 Blue Coins each, Delfino Plaza contains only 20 Blue Coins.

Can you get back to Delfino airstrip?

The only way to go back to the Delfino Airstrip is by chasing down Shadow Mario in every world, which always takes place in the seventh episode. Once you finally complete this task, Delfino Plaza will flood with water, prompting you to go to the Corona Mountain stage.

Where can I find blue coins?

The most common places to find Blue Coins are:

  1. In plain sight, but difficult to get to.
  2. Cleaning off M Graffiti.
  3. Cleaning off paired Graffiti (X’s, O’s, or Triangles)
  4. Spraying specific areas with your squirt nozzle.
  5. Hosing down villagers that are covered in mud or are on fire.
  6. Ground Pounding objects.

How many blue coins are in each area?

30 Blue Coins
Each area (Bianco Hills, Ricco Harbor, etc.) will have 30 Blue Coins to collect. There are two exceptions to this. There are 10 Blue Coins in Corona Mountain, the game’s final area.

Is there 100 coins in Delfino Plaza?

Delfino Plaza 100-Coin Shine You can get this Shine after unlocking Gelato Beach. Getting 100 coins on this stage is easy, since there are nearly 100 coins in the tunnel network alone. You can fill that amount out by spraying hanging signs, open windows, wanted posters, green birds, etc.

How do you get back to Delfino airstrip?