Are there chess tournaments in Vegas?

Are there chess tournaments in Vegas?

We are now accepting entries for most events in the 2022 Las Vegas International Chess Festival. Enter Now! Returning players who enter the National Open before January 31 are eligible for a $40 Early Bird Loyalty Discount.

Who won the National Chess Open 2021?

GM Illia Nyzhnyk
Results are in at the National Open (June 11-16), the Main Event at the Las Vegas International Chess Festival. GM Illia Nyzhnyk defeated Timur Gareyev in the final round to take down the title in clear first with 7/9, winning $8000!

What is the average chess rating?

The average for non-scholastic players was 1198 and the average scholastic player rating was 668.

What is a good chess rating for a beginner?

The general consensus is below 1200= “beginner”, 1200-1800 is “intermediate”, 1800-2000 is “advanced”, 2000-2200 is “expert”, and 2200+ are masters at chess, with FIDE titles being awarded at certain ratings or norms after that.

How do you become a USCF?


  1. ONLINE: Starting this fall you will be able to join the USCF, or renew your membership, online!
  2. BY PHONE: Call the USCF at 800-388-KING or 914-562-8350 from 8AM-5PM Eastern Time (GMT-5) Monday through Friday and charge your membership; most major credit cards are accepted.

Who is the current US chess champion?

GM Wesley So
GM Wesley So won the playoff tiebreaks and is the 2021 U.S. Chess Champion. After 11 rounds of play in the 2021 U.S. Chess Championship, three GMs shared first place: So, Fabiano Caruana, and Sam Sevian.

How much does the US chess champion win?

The 2019 U.S. Championship is an elite national championship event, featuring 12 of the strongest chess players in America. Over the course of eleven rounds, these competitors will battle for $194,000 in prize money, qualification into the World Championship cycle, and the coveted title of 2019 U.S. Champion.