Are Velvet drive transmissions any good?

Are Velvet drive transmissions any good?

Velvet Drive Transmissions are in some of the best boats in the industry including the 2020 Nautique Paragon. Velvet Drive Transmissions is the toughest transmission found in many industrial machinery.

What is a Borg Warner velvet drive?

V-Drive Marine Transmissions Borg-Warner’s (Velvet Drive’s) integral V-Drive marine transmission is a compact, self-contained unit that helps create extra cargo and cabin space by allowing you to move your engines further aft.

How much does it cost to rebuild a velvet drive transmission?

Between $600 and $1,200 on average, with some gears costing more, depending on the gear. Again, you can ask for an estimate over the phone and if we need to see the gear first, we will not charge you to inspect and quote a price for the rebuild.

Who makes velvet transmissions?

Pleasurecraft Engine Group
About Pleasurecraft Engine Group: Pleasurecraft Engine Group, owned by Correct Craft, manufactures five brands, PCM, Crusader, Challenger, Levitator, and Velvet Drive from its headquarters in Little Mountain, South Carolina and remote facility in Liberty, South Carolina.

How does a velvet drive work?

A V-drive and a direct drive are both inboard propulsion systems, which means the engine drives a propshaft that passes through the boat bottom, with the propeller positioned under the boat and steering accomplished by a rudder.

What kind of fluid goes in a velvet drive transmission?

Uses oil type: GM Dexron III, Ford Mercon, Daimler-Benz 236.6 or any SAE 10 hydraulic oil that meets Allison Type C3, Caterpillar TO-2 or equivalent specifications. Oil capacity: 5 US quarts (4.9 liters).

What fluid goes in a velvet drive transmission?

How do you check the oil on a velvet drive?

With the engine at operating temperature, place the control lever in neutral and shut down the engine. Remove the dipstick by holding the base and turning the T-handle counter clockwise (see drawing). Wipe the dipstick clean and insert the dipstick fully into the transmission, withdraw, and read the fluid level.

Does velvet drive have reverse?

Velvet Drive have forward but no reverse.

Does BorgWarner make Tremec?

It is manufactured by TREMEC. The T-5 was originally designed by BorgWarner based on the T-4 and earlier SR4, and was sold as the BorgWarner T-5 until the design was sold to TTC (aka Tremec).

How much fluid does a velvet drive transmission hold?

Oil capacity: 5 US quarts (4.9 liters).

What oil goes in a Borg Warner gearbox?

Active member. as alb40 said should be ATF(auto transmission fluid,) should be to Dexron 2 or 3 standard.

Is the Borg Warner T5 a Tremec?