Are you allowed to take food into Empire Cinema?

Are you allowed to take food into Empire Cinema?

Food purchased outside the cinema may be consumed within the auditoria, however we politely ask that this doesn’t include take away food (burgers, pizza etc.) and customers avoid anything in glass packaging.

What is D-Box Empire Cinema?

D-Box offers seats with motion; your cinema chair is synchronised to the film and mimics movements and vibrations on screen – immersive cinema at its very best. D-Box seats can vibrate, pitch back and forth, roll from side to side and heave up and down.

Do you have to wear a mask in the Empire cinema UK?

All customers are required to wear a face covering during their visit (unless exempt), although you are able to remove this to consume food and drink. Air is constantly extracted from the auditorium, exchanging the air in the room approximately every 7 minutes. No air is reused or recirculated.

What age is a senior ticket at Empire cinema?

over-60 years of age
Empire Seniors is our series of film screenings for our guests who are over-60 years of age. A selection of some of the best recent and classic films shown every Wednesday morning at selected Empire Cinemas.

What is impact at Empire cinema?

IMPACT® is the ultimate way to experience blockbuster movies, SPECTACULAR screens, SENSATIONAL DOLBY ATMOS sound, SUPERB stadium seating and extra leg room! Up weight charges apply. Additional charges apply for 3D performances and when using 241 offers / vouchers for films in IMPACT®.

How many Empire cinemas are there in the UK?

14 cinemas
Empire Cinemas is the largest independently-owned cinema chain in the UK. Currently operating 129 screens in 14 cinemas across the United Kingdom.

Is Empire cinema card only?

CASHLESS PAYMENTS ONLY Please use a Cashless Payment method – we accept contactless card payments up to the value of £45 or you can use an Empire Film Card. Payment can also be made using Apple Pay and Google Pay at till points.

What is a senior Empire cinema?

Seniors. A selection of some of the best recent and classic films shown every Wednesday* morning at selected Empire Cinemas. Come along to meet your friends and enjoy a complementary tea or coffee, served before the screening. All Auditoria are Wheelchair accessible.

What is a D-Box screen?

Discover a hyper-realistic, immersive entertainment experience that moves the body and sparks the imagination through motion. Don’t wait! Reserve Your Seat Today.