Can a broken Fitbit be repaired?

Can a broken Fitbit be repaired?

Fitbit will replace or fix your tracker’s regular wear-and-tear damage within one year of the date you purchased it. This means that physical damage that happens because of you — like accidentally running over your Fitbit with a snowblower — won’t be covered.

How long do Fitbit bands last?

However, if carefully maintained, it can last as long as five to six years.

How long should a Fitbit band last?

Fitbit has a life expectancy of one to two years. Although there are more than some that still have their activity trackers functioning well even after four to five years. How about its band?

How much does it cost to get a Fitbit repaired?

How Much Does it Cost to Repair Your Fitbit?

Type of Fitbit Retail Price Estimated Cost of Repairs
Ace 2 $69.95 Anywhere from $9.95 to $60
Luxe $149.95 Anywhere from $18 to $110
Charge 5 $179.95 Anywhere from $29.95 to $85
Inspire $59.95 Anywhere from $8 to $78

Can I wear my Fitbit on my ankle?

You can wear a Fitbit on your ankle. However, the Fitbit is for your wrist. So while it’s possible to use your Fitbit on your ankle, you will get inaccurate readings and miss out on a lot of the Fitbit’s features if worn on your ankle. Fitbit assumes that it will track your steps and heart rate through the wrist.

Can I wear my Fitbit on the inside of my wrist?

We normally recommend using the Fitbit Blaze on the outside of your wrist but I’d say that as long as it has a steady contact with your skin for the heart rate to be recorded properly, there will be no problem at all.

Which Fitbits use the same bands?

Yes, Fitbit Watch bands are interchangeable. However, it depends on the model of your smartwatch. For example, you can use old Fitbit Versa bands with Versa 2 but they will not work on Versa 3. Among the Fitbit bands that you can use with Versa 2 are the bands of the original Versa, and Versa Lite.