Can a car title be in two names in Indiana?

Can a car title be in two names in Indiana?

Yes, more than one person can be the legal owner of a car in Indiana. Co-Owners can be listed as “and/or”.

Can two people names be on the title?

Yes! You can have two names on your car title.

How do you add a name to a car title in Indiana?

To add another owner to the title of a vehicle or watercraft, you must apply for a new title by completing an Application for Certificate of Title For A Vehicle – State Form 205, or an Application for Certificate of Watercraft Title – State Form 38529, and returning the form to a branch.

Do you have to pay taxes on a gifted car in Indiana?

Gifted vehicles are exempt from sales tax in Indiana.

Should both people be on title?

There is no law that says both spouses need to be listed on a mortgage. If your spouse isn’t a co-borrower on your mortgage application, then your lender generally won’t include their details when qualifying you for a loan. Depending on your spouse’s situation, this could be a good thing or a bad thing.

Can you transfer title online in Indiana?

Car title transfer in Indiana In Indiana, the vehicle buyer can complete a title transfer online through the BMV’s virtual portal or in person at a local branch. It must be done within 45 days of the change of ownership or you will be subject to late fees.

How much does it cost to transfer a car title and plates in Indiana?

Transferring Registration in Indiana This new vehicle must be titled first; usually, titling and registering can be done at the same time. You must also pay a $9.75 plate-transfer fee.

How much does a title transfer cost in Indiana?

If you’re wondering how much required title transfer fees are, you should know a new title in the state of Indiana will cost $15 with expedited service costing an additional $25.

Can a car be in joint names?

There are no strict restrictions on exactly who you can joint finance a car with. However, it’s more commonly used for married couples or immediate family. Some lenders may require both parties to live at the same address, so joint financing a car with a friend may be difficult unless you live together.

Does it matter who the buyer or co buyer is on a car?

Auto Loan Co-Buyer’s Role A co-buyer can also help a primary borrower qualify for better loan terms if they have better credit than them. Co-buyers have equal rights to the vehicle and their name is put on the car’s title alongside the primary borrower.

Can you own a car jointly?

Joint Ownership. If you intend to own the vehicle jointly, you’ll need a written agreement outlining the details. This is especially important if only one of you signed for the loan but both of you will be contributing toward its repayment. When you register the vehicle with the state, put it in both names.

How much does it cost to transfer a car title in Indiana?

To officially transfer ownership of a vehicle in Indiana, you’ll need to complete a title transfer. You can do this by going to your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) and paying the $15 title fee.

What documents do I need to transfer a car title in Indiana?

A completed Application for Certificate of Title (Form 205). If the odometer information isn’t filled out on the title, provide an Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form 43230). Proof of residency (e.g. driver’s license, current utility bill, etc.). Proof of vehicle inspection.

What is needed to transfer plates in Indiana?

You have to bring your title information, Indiana driver’s license, and auto insurance, plus the registration fee. You must take your car to emissions every two years, and if you’re a new IN resident, you must have a VIN inspection done.