Can I call my doctor for a question?

Can I call my doctor for a question?

Teladoc doctors can evaluate many health issues such as: Sinus problems….24 hour Doctor Advice Line (online or by phone)

24 hour Doctor Advice Line Contact Information
Call: 1-800-835-2362, TTY: 1-855-636-1578
Hours of Operation: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Can you call your doctor at any time?

Patients are entitled to receive medical advice 24 hours a day. If you call your doctor at 3 a.m., you will reach a physician who will advise you. Of course, it may not be your own personal physician as this individual cannot be expected to be available 365 days a year until he retires.

Where can I ask a doctor a question for free online?

Enter HealthTap. The popular app allows users to ask its team of 35,000 active, U.S.-licensed doctors health-related questions for free. The free service allows users to ask a question under 150 characters.

How can I chat with a doctor?


  1. Choose the doctor.
  2. Book a slot.
  3. Make payment.
  4. Be present in the consult room on at the time of consult.
  5. Receive prescriptions instantly.
  6. Follow Up via text – Valid upto 7 days.

Are doctors on call all the time?

Most doctors report at least several calls per night, however. While home call doctors might have to come in-person emergencies once or twice a week depending on the severity of the situation.

Can I leave a message for my doctor?

You may have several numbers in your health record, so give the number where it will be easiest to reach you. State the specific doctor, practitioner, or staff member to whom the message is directed. This helps your message be quickly dispatched to the appropriate individual. State the urgency of your message.

Can doctors sleep while on call?

Do On-Call Doctors Sleep at the Hospital? On-Call doctors can sometimes sleep if they’re not required to complete any duties or attend any emergencies. Those working under the supervision of other doctors will usually have to ask permission however.

Is being on call optional?

California employment laws are often more protective of employees than federal employment laws are, and the on-call pay rules are no exception. Under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), an employee is generally considered “on call” only if he or she is required to remain on the employer’s premises.