Can I do my own legionella test?

Can I do my own legionella test?

Legionella antigen tests can be performed on-site and provide results almost immediately. The good news is that antigen tests are so easy to conduct that anyone can do it!

What are the legionella regulations?

As a duty holder, you have a legal duty to carry out a risk assessment to identify and assess whether there is a risk posed by exposure to Legionella from the hot and cold water system or any work associated with it.

How much does legionella testing cost UK?

In 2021, a legionella test can cost as little as £35, but the cost of neglecting your water can prove far greater both to you and to others. Without regular legionella tests, you might be risking fines, prosecution, sickness, and even death; it really does pay to be safe.

How often is legionella testing required?

It depends on the system that you have and the outcome of your risk assessment. For open systems, such as cooling towers, evaporative condensers and spa pools etc, routine testing should be carried out at least quarterly. However, there may be circumstances were more frequent sampling may be required.

How do you become a Legionella risk Assessor?

A minimum of two years industry experience as a legionella risk assessor. Complete Management of Legionella Bacteria in Hot and Cold Water Systems course prior to sitting this course.

How long does a Legionella certificate last?

You should review your legionella risk assessment at least every two years as a minimum. More complex water systems and higher risk situations that have been assessed should be re-assessed far more often, i.e. every three months if cooling towers or other complex systems are involved.

Is Legionella training a legal requirement?

You are not legally required to go through training to perform your duties as a duty holder or a responsible person, or if you are involved in any work that may expose individuals to legionella bacteria. However, in practice, you must be aware and be able to prove an understanding of your legal responsibilities.

How long is Legionella training?

25 minutes
Designed to highlight the risks of exposure to legionella bacteria, this Legionella Awareness Training Course looks at what to look out for and how to protect your organisation from harmful Legionnaires’ disease. It takes just 25 minutes to complete online.

Do you need to be qualified to do Legionella testing?

How long is legionella training?

How long does a legionella certificate last?

Do I need a qualification to test for Legionella?

Are there any online courses for Legionella training?

Depending on the information you need and the level of legionella training required, you will find there is a range of City & Guilds accredited online courses designed to help people understand various areas.

What happens at the end of a Legionella course?

Every legionella course finishes with the presentation of an online examination. This ensures the person taking the course has understood everything properly and can test their knowledge appropriately. Upon successful completion of a particular course, a relevant Certificate of Training is produced that acts as proof of their training.

What is the Legionella responsible person&duty holder training?

Legionella Responsible Person & Duty Holder Training More advanced legionella course aimed at the Responsible Person and Duty Holder. The course covers Legionnaires’ disease and legionellosis, the HSE’s ACOP L8, and HSG274 parts 1, 2 and 3 including domestic hot and cold water systems, and other risk systems.

How can water management programs reduce risk for Legionella?

Outlines how to reduce risk for Legionella in facilities through water management programs. Helps water management programs align with ASHRAE 188 on reducing risk for Legionella in building water systems (e.g., potable water, cooling towers, hot tubs, decorative water features).