Can I still buy an iPod classic?

Can I still buy an iPod classic?

Sadly, iPod Classics were quietly discontinued in 2014, despite much rage from Apple lovers worldwide. You can try your luck grabbing a secondhand one on eBay, otherwise Apple still offers a solitary iPod model: the iPod Touch.

Where can I get the cheapest iPod classic?

Where—and how—to buy an old click wheel iPod

  • Amazon. The original iPod.
  • eBay. You’ll find several click wheel iPods for sale on eBay.
  • NewEgg. NewEgg mostly has modern iPods, but they have a few click wheel devices to choose from.
  • Rakuten. Rakuten has a few click wheel iPods.

How much does iPod classic cost?

Pricing & Availability Both iPod classic models are available immediately worldwide in silver and black. The 80GB iPod classic model is $279 (CAN) and the 160GB iPod classic is $399 (CAN). iPod classic requires a Mac® with a USB 2.0 port, Mac OS® X v10.

Can you still put music on an iPod Classic?

How to Put Music on an iPod Classic, Mini, Nano, and Shuffle. Make sure you have iTunes installed on your computer and have added music to your iTunes library. You can get music by ripping songs from CDs, downloading it from the internet, and buying it at online stores like the iTunes Store, among other means.

How long will an iPod Classic last?

Even if you store it perfectly, you can expect to lose 25% capacity within 3-4 years. For long term storage, it’s best to charge it to just above 50% and let it self discharge down to maybe 40 or 35% and then charge it back up to over 50.

How much is a 2008 iPod Classic worth?

No change in price or capacity: $49 with 1 GB of storage, $69 with 2 GB. And no change in value, as the discontinued models are selling for exactly the same price.

How many iPod Classic generations are there?

six generations
To date, there have been six generations of the iPod classic with up to 160 GB of storage, as well as a spin-off (the iPod photo) that was later re-integrated into the main iPod line.

How do I put music on my iPod Classic without iTunes?

Adding Music to iPod without iTunes

  1. Plug it In. As you might have guessed, the first step would be to plug your iPod into your PC.
  2. Disable Disk Use. If you’ve been using iTunes to transfer music to your iPod, you might’ve enabled disk use.
  3. Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives.
  4. This PC.
  5. Music.
  6. Drag-n-Drop.

How do I put music on my iPod Classic 2021?

Under your iPod classic directory tree, click “Music”. Then, in the music window, click “+ Add” > “Add file” or “Add folder”. When the file browser window pops up, navigate to the location where you save music files. Choose your wanted music files and click “Open” to import them to your iPod classic.

How long will an iPod classic last?

Why iPod classic is the best?

The iPod classic (both first and second gens) is a great MP3 player on paper. Over 100GB of storage, support for Apple Lossless, a total harmonic distortion (plus noise) of -69.26dB, and an signal-to-noise ratio of -84.42dB (CNET ATS-2 Audio Analyzer results).

How do I download music to my iPod classic 2021?

Just drag and drop files onto the device. Windows PC users can still use iTunes for Windows. Connect your iPod to your computer using the USB cable that came with it. You can’t use just any cable; you need one that fits Apple’s Dock Connector or Lightning port, depending on your model.

How do I put Music on my iPod classic without iTunes?

Can you still put music on an iPod classic?

What can replace an iPod classic?

Cowon Plenue D3. A tiny and sonically talented portable music player.

  • Astell & Kern A&norma SR25. Astell & Kern has squeezed even more performance out of its entry-level player.
  • Astell & Kern A&norma SR15.
  • Cowon Plenue D2.
  • Astell & Kern Kann Alpha.
  • Astell & Kern A&futura SE200.
  • Astell & Kern Kann.
  • What can I do with an old iPod Classic?

    Here are our top tips on what to do with an old iPod.

    • Install New Firmware.
    • Replace the Battery. An error occurred.
    • Use Your iPod as a Portable Hard Drive. Even if you’ve already got a newer iPod or iPhone, you can still put your old one to good use.
    • Replace the Hard Drive.
    • In-Car Music.
    • Sell It!

    What does iPod Classic sell for?

    A first generation iPod classic – “battery is really good for its age” – is on sale priced at $9,999.99. A second-generation, still-boxed iPod classic – that’s the last version that had the moving wheel – is currently listed for an extraordinary $19,999.99.

    How do I get music on my iPod classic 2021?

    Can I still download music to my iPod classic?

    iPods Sync With iTunes, Not iCloud The iPod Classic, iPod Mini, iPod Nano, and iPod Shuffle don’t have an internet connection of their own. When you want to put media on them, you use the iTunes program on your desktop or laptop computer to download songs to the iPod, using a process called syncing, not iCloud.

    Can I still add music to my iPod classic?

    Just go to your main iTunes music library song listing and click the download (cloud) button next to the song name. If you don’t have iTunes Match, you can re-download any song purchased from the iTunes Store on the Purchased screen.

    What can I do with an old iPod classic?

    Here are our top tips on what to do with an old iPod.

    1. Install New Firmware.
    2. Replace the Battery.
    3. Use Your iPod as a Portable Hard Drive. Even if you’ve already got a newer iPod or iPhone, you can still put your old one to good use.
    4. Replace the Hard Drive.
    5. In-Car Music.
    6. Sell It!

    Is there an alternative to iTunes for iPod?

    Winamp, which was first released in 1997, is a full-featured media player. Since version 5.2, it has supported synchronizing DRM-free media to iOS devices like the iPod which makes it an excellent alternative to iTunes.

    Why did Apple stop making iPods?

    The declining sales of the iPod touch and the rising popularity of other Apple products probably pushed the company to pull the plug on the iPod. We think Apple was probably right to kill the iPod because it just doesn’t make sense in 2022.

    Is it worth buying an iPod Classic?

    While four years old, the iPod classic still does its job well and is top quality. After all, if Apple didn’t think that there was a market for the iPod classic, then it probably would have stopped selling it altogether.

    How to buy an iPod Classic?

    Its taller screen when compared to iPod nano (4th generation)

  • Its polished anodized aluminum finish
  • The inclusion of a camera and microphone on the back of the device
  • What to replace an iPod Classic with?

    What to Replace an iPod Classic with. If you’re old enough to have grown up buying CDs, or – like me, old enough to have grown up buying records and then CDs and you don’t refer to records as “vinyls” 😉, then you probably have a large selection of music in your iTunes Library, a 120 or 160GB iPod Classic, no need of Spotify or Apple

    Does the iPod Classic have a radio?

    You can listen to radio using the optional iPod Radio Remote accessory for iPod classic. iPod Radio Remote attaches to iPod classic using the Dock connector cable. When you’re using iPod Radio Remote, you see a Radio menu item on the iPod classic main menu. For more information, see the iPod Radio Remote documentation.