Can I use my laptop with a SMART Board?

Can I use my laptop with a SMART Board?

From the classroom to the board room, SMART boards make presentations more engaging and can be used with almost any computer, including a laptop. Attach the serial cable that comes with your SMART board to the appropriate port on your laptop.

What are the features of a SMART Board?

In this article, users can find the checklist to help them choose the right interactive smartboard.

  • Screen Recording.
  • Teaching on the Cloud.
  • Supportive of different platforms.
  • Features to display complex ideas.
  • Multiple-finger touch recognition and access.
  • Voice Control and Speech Recognition.

What operating system does SMART Board use?

Windows® operating systems or Mac operating system software as detailed in the SMART Notebook™аsoftware for Windows and Mac computers release notes ( or Linux® operating systems as detailed in the SMART Notebook software for Linux computers release notes (

Does a SMART Board need a computer?

You can use smart board without computer. Embedded OPS with built-in Windows system can be used as a computer so that you can enjoy the service brought to you.

How do I connect my laptop to my SMART Board wireless?

Insert the USB Bluetooth Receiver into a USB port on your computer. The light on the USB Bluetooth Receiver will be red until a connection with the board is established. Press and hold the button on the Wireless Module for 5 seconds. A green light will start to flash.

What are the benefits of a SMART Board?

Some benefits of Smart Boards include the increase in interactive instructional tools, create more interest and motivation among students, display attractive graphics, improve lectures with audio-visual tools, provide better instructional materials, and can also cater to all learning styles.

What is SMART Board in computer?

SMART Board is an interactive whiteboard that uses touch detection for user input. You use it the same way as you use a computer, with your fingers instead of a mouse, to edit a document, browse websites and collaborate on projects.

How do I connect my laptop to my SMART Board wirelessly?

Do all SMART Boards need a projector?

While SMART Boards don’t need a projector to function, you can use them for more purposes if you use a projector to extend your desktop to a screen. All SMART Boards except for the SMART Board for Plasma Displays will work with most projectors, but some may provide an advantage over others.

Who manufactures SMART Board?

Smart Technologies (stylized as SMART Technologies) also known as Smart, is a Canadian company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and wholly owned by Foxconn. Founded in 1987, Smart is best known as the developer of interactive whiteboards branded as the “SMART Board” popularly used in education and business.

Does a SMART Board have Bluetooth?

The SMART Board Wireless Bluetooth Connection also has a USB extension cable if the USB port not easily accessible. Insert the flat end into a USB port on your computer. Insert the receiver into the larger end of the cable. The SMART Wireless Bluetooth Connection can be used simultaneously with the SMART Slate.

What are the disadvantages of SMART Board?

Disadvantages of Smart Board in classroom

  • Smartboards are expensive.
  • High maintenance and complex to handle.
  • Very delicate and not simple for every staff member to handle.
  • Risk of breakage and high repair costs.
  • Software difficulties and problems.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of SMART Board?

Here are some of the advantages that come with the smartboard. We can agree that the smartboard is pack with a lot of advantages, but it also comes with some disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is the upfront cost of the device. The price for a smart board can range from $2000 and up, based on the size and company.

Do SMART Boards have Internet?

If you have internet access, you can access internet sites and put them onto a white board. This is great in an EFL classroom if you have online quizzes or games you want the students to use. They can actually come up to the board and select their answers.

How do I download a SMART Board to my laptop?

Go to

  1. Select SMART Notebook 18 from Select your version.
  2. Select Windows from Change operating system.
  3. Select USB Installer from Select install package.
  5. Save the smart18-0usb.exe download file to your computer.