Can I use my phone as a TV remote Sony?

Can I use my phone as a TV remote Sony?

A cell phone with the Android™ 2.1 operating system or higher can be used as a remote control for the Internet TV device as long as both products are connected to the same home network, and if the Google® TV Remote app has been downloaded to the cell phone. Turn on the Internet TV device.

Is there a Sony remote control app?

The App Remote application can be downloaded from Apple® iTunes® application for Apple iPhone® mobile digital devices and Google Play™ store for Android™ devices.

Which app is best for Sony TV remote?

#1 – Best Overall: Sonymote Easily one of the best universal remote apps for Sony TVs, this specific app is a third-party application (available for both iOS and Android devices) that offers full control and command capabilities on all Sony Bravia TVs.

How do I turn on my Sony TV from my phone?

Register a mobile device to the TV

  1. Android TV – two methods. Press HOME → Apps → Screen mirroring. Press INPUT → Screen mirroring.
  2. Other TV models. Press INPUT → Screen mirroring.

How do I setup my SONY Android TV without remote?

Per Sony, the set-up process involves:

  1. Download the app.
  2. Put your TV and phone on the same Wi-Fi network.
  3. Navigate to “Connecting to the Internet” using your TV’s power button.
  4. Open the app.
  5. Search for your TV on the down-drop list.
  6. Connect the app to your TV.

Can I use my phone as remote for TV?

Google recently launched a new remote-control app for Android phones that lets you control compatible Google TVs and Android TV operating system devices. You can add the remote to the Quick Settings tiles on your Android phone.

How can I turn on my SONY Android TV without remote?

The TV power button is located on the underside of the TV. Look for the button to the right of the SONY logo, on the bottom of the TV. Press and hold the power button (located at the center) for at least three seconds, and TV will turn on or off.

Do universal remotes work for Android TV?

You can actually use your Harmony or other universal remote to control your Android TV device, and it will only cost you a little over $10.00.