Can scratches on DVDs be fixed?

Can scratches on DVDs be fixed?

Clean the disc with warm water, soap, and a cloth and then dry it, making sure that no lint is left behind. Squeeze toothpaste onto the disc and rub it on the disc in a straight motion from the center out to the edges. Finally, wash off the toothpaste and dry the disc. It should work now!

How do you get rid of deep scratches on a CD?

Start with a basic toothpaste, something natural without any fancy gels, swirls or flavors. Squeeze a small amount onto the CD starting at the middle radius and rub it in using a sweeping motion until the entire CD is covered in a light layer of toothpaste. Let it dry, then rinse it off using tepid water.

Does toothpaste fix scratches on disc?

Toothpaste is just abrasive enough to wear down scratched areas to a smoother surface. Small scratches and scuff marks are much easier to repair than deep gouges. Some CD repair services can repair the disc with a special buffing machine, but these are hard to use without causing damage.

Can GameStop fix discs?

GameStop doesn’t resurface discs in the store or do any type of repairs in store. If you have a broken disc or console, we send it to our warehouse in Texas and refurbish it. There is usually a $5 fee when trading in a scratched game to cover the resurfacing cost.

Does Brasso remove scratches from CDS?

Both scratches and scuffs can be removed by the same method – by polishing them out using Brasso. Engineers have been using Brasso as a polish for plastics ever since it was released as a polish for brass.

How do you fix a scratched DVD with a banana?


  1. The first thing you do is apply toothpaste on the scratched surface of the DVD. Next, rub the toothpaste gently into the DVD using the rag.
  2. Remove the toothpaste from the DVD using the rag. Then take the cut banana and in small circular motions rub the banana into the DVD.
  3. Clean the DVD using the rag.

How much does it cost to fix a scratched disc?

Go either to a place like Gamestop or a professional disc scratch repair company. They will usually charge around $4 to 5 dollars to rebuff your game disc and remove the scratches. This will make it so the console can read the disc and you can then play your game.

How much is it to resurface a disc?

It costs about $0.40 on average to repair a disc according to the reviews which easily could pay for itself if all goes well.

Can I clean a DVD with isopropyl alcohol?

When it is necessary to clean your DVDs, take care not to scratch them. A mild solvent, like rubbing alcohol or window cleaner. These evaporate quickly and don’t leave a residue. A one-to-one solution of isopropyl alcohol and water usually works well [source: Hatch].

Does rubbing alcohol ruin a CD?

The best CD cleaner is rubbing alcohol, but you need to do a little prep work first. Hold your CD with your thumb inside the center hole and your fingers out on the rim. Using a compressed air can, hold the nozzle 6 inches away and use quick bursts of air to blow away the dust.