Can tarot cards be done online?

Can tarot cards be done online?

Tarot card reading can be done in person or online. At present, online readings are the safest and the most viable, with people still under the effect of the second wave of the pandemic.

How do you do a 3 card love spread?

The simplest of these tarot spreads, we recommend this for a quick diagnosis of the relationship dynamics amongst two people. After shuffling your cards and focusing on your questions, lay first the left most card, then the right most, making room for a third card in the middle between them.

Can you do tarot spreads for yourself?

Is it possible to do Tarot spreads on yourself, even if you’re a beginner? Yes! It absolutely is. Tarot is a modality that helps us gain greater insight into our current situations, honor our intuition and forecast potential outcomes.

What does a three-card spread mean?

A three-card spread has the reader pull three cards from the deck after it’s been shuffled and halved by the querent (more on that in a moment). Usually, the first called pulled represents the past, the second represents the present, and the third represents the future.

Do tarot readers make money?

Rates for tarot readings vary. Expect to charge anything from $5 per reading and up. There seem to be a lucky few who earn up to $250 per reading. What people are willing to pay depends on your experience, reputation, what kind of reading you offer and how you do it.

Where can I get paid to do Tarot readings?

You can put your tarot knowledge to good use, help people understand tarot reading better, and make money in the process. You can either try getting clients on your own or you can sign up to freelance platforms like Upwork or Fiverr to get started.

Can I read my own tarot?

Can you give yourself a reading? With very few exceptions, no. It’s just a bad idea. You see, most of us use astrology or tarot when we’re seeking clarity during a time of uncertainty.

How often should you pull tarot?

I advise leaving a gap of at least three months between professional tarot readings, UNLESS the reading is about a totally different and specific question. Let things change and progress before going back to the cards.

How much do professional tarot readers charge?

A basic reading is $50 for a half hour. My readings are all about the here and now. The cards are a tool to help you see what factors need to be considered when making a decision. They highlight opportunities, hindrances, helpers, and detractors.

How much do online tarot readers make?

Tarot Reader Salaries

Job Title Salary
YouTube Tarot Reader salaries – 1 salaries reported $20/hr
Companions & Homemakers Tarot Reader salaries – 1 salaries reported $16/hr
MK Marketing Tarot Reader salaries – 1 salaries reported $45,000/yr Tarot Reader salaries – 1 salaries reported $10/hr