Can Thunderbird Import Apple Mail?

Can Thunderbird Import Apple Mail?

Firstly, open the Apple Mail on your system. Secondly, go to the menu, press File option >> Import mailbox option for importing MBOX file. In the import window, choose another option to import data from given sources. Then press the continue tab.

Does Apple Mail have local folders?

Choose “On my Mac” in the Location pop‐up menu. Type in a name for the mailbox, and then click OK. 3. The new folder should show up in your sidebar.

Where are Apple Mail folders stored?

All replies. The files are stored in ~/Library/Mail/V7/ in a subfolder with a unique ID for the name. You can open each and see which “account” that folder holds. Sometimes you can tell from the subfolder names, but otherwise you might need to dig inside each and see what messages are in there.

How do you Import contacts from Excel to Thunderbird?

First, open Thunderbird application on your system. Now, Hit on the Address Book > Tools > Import. The Import Wizard will open, in Select the type of material to import option, you need to select Address Books option and click on Next.

Where are Thunderbird local folders stored Mac?

The file is located in the application data folder for Thunderbird: The path is %AppData%\Thunderbird\ for Windows. thunderbird/ for Linux~/Library/Thunderbird/ for Mac OS X.

How do I find local folders in Thunderbird?

Access the backup ‘Thunderbird’ folder on desktop click on ‘Profiles’ folder click on ‘profile name’ folder click on ‘Mail’ folder You will see ‘Local Folders’ folder – if that folder contains a load of file – Copy that ‘Local Folders’ folder then paste that copied ‘Local Folders’ folder into the ‘Mail’ folder – (the …

Where did my Mac Mail folders go?

Apple Mail files are typically stored in ~/Library/Mail/ folder on Mac.

Where are Mac Mail folders stored?

Each user account on your Mac has a Mail directory in their Library folder—that’s ~/Library/Mail , or /Users/[NAME]/Library/Mail . This is where the Mail app stores its data for each user. To see it, open Finder, click “Go” in the menu bar, and choose “Go to Folder.” Type ~/Library into the box and press Return.

How do I Import a mailing list into Thunderbird?

Back in Thunderbird :

  1. Open your Addressbook.
  2. Select Tools –> Import from the menu and click Next on the first window to accept importing an Address Book.
  3. Select “Text file (LDIF, .
  4. In the next window, locate the file (Mac) or change “Files of type” to Comma Separated to locate the file (PC) and Click “Open”.

How do I Import mail into Thunderbird?

Importing Apple Mail messages

  1. On the menu bar, open the Tools menu and click on Import. The import wizard will open.
  2. Select Mail then click Next.
  3. Select Apple Mail then click Next.
  4. You will see a log of successfully imported folders, then click Finish to close the import wizard.