Can you build a P-51 Mustang?

Can you build a P-51 Mustang?

It can be built as an N-numbered amateur built experimental aircraft or as a Light Sport Aircraft. This P-51D replica incorporates material and systems not commonly found in comparably priced aircraft.

How much does it cost to build a P-51 Mustang?

A P-51 cost $51,000 in 1945, or about $675,000 today. The Enforcer would probably have cost around a million dollars. The A-10 Warthog cost almost $19 million apiece.

How much would it cost to build a P-51?

1941 Cost X 14.72; 1942 Cost X 13.27; 1943 Cost X 12.5; 1944 Cost X 12.29; 1945 Cost X 12.02. A P-51 Mustang built in 1945 at $50,985 times 12.02 would cost $612,839.70.

How much does a P-51 cost?

According to Auto Evolution, this particular aircraft is located in Germany and is being offered for sale for 3.3 million euros or roughly $3.9 million. Unlike most private aircraft, which significantly decrease in value, the P-51 has reached the stratosphere in terms on value!

How hard is it to fly a P-51 Mustang?

Warbird Alley: P-51 Mustang Pilot Report. The P-51D, which I flew, was a very straightforward airplane in every way. By that I mean it wasn’t difficult to fly or hard to handle, as long as you remembered a few basic things. First and foremost, you never forgot for a minute that it could bite hard if you got careless.

How much did a p51 Mustang cost?

Browning machine guns with a total of 1880, 400 rounds each inboard and 270 rounds each outboard. The P-51 cost approximately $50,000.00 to produce in 1944. The Mustang was the first single-engine fighter based in Britain with the range to escort and protect the bombers all the way to Nazi, Germany and home again.

Are any B-36 still flying?

Some people want to know are there any B-36 bombers still flying today? Only four Peacemakers survive today, and those are on static display in museums, as explained below in this article. There are no B-36s in airworthy status.

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