Can you flirt with Disney cast members?

Can you flirt with Disney cast members?

Flirting And it has much less do to with the fact that they’re spoken for and more to do with making them feel uncomfortable whilst they’re in-character. You might even be asked to leave that particular character greeting by a Cast Member. There’s a reason “no one flirts like Gaston”!

How do you compliment a cast member at Disney World?

To access the mobile cast compliment feature, search “Cast Compliment” in the My Disney Experience app. Cast members complimented through the service receive a digital certificate, along with a notification to their leader so they can be further recognized.

Can Disney cast members give free tickets?

The Walt Disney Company recently announced that it will no longer provide free tickets or special treatment to third-party employees. Many cast members at Disney Parks come from third-party vendors.

Do Disney employees hook up with guests?

Believe it or not, it’s not just the guests at the Magic Kingdom that try to get away with some hanky-panky. Many former Disney employees have said that many characters are having sex with each other, occasionally at the parks when they can get away with it.

How do you brag a Disney cast member?

Search “Cast Compliment” in the My Disney Experience mobile app to access Mobile Cast Compliment. After selecting a compliment from a drop-down menu, guests can enter the cast member’s first name, hometown, and the date of their interaction.

Can you give Disney cast members gifts?

Tokens or Gifts As long as it’s not monetary, small gifts, like a keychain, are okay to give to Cast Members. (Note: During COVID-19 precautions, not all Cast Members are comfortable receiving physical objects. Feel free to offer items, but don’t be offended if they say no thanks.)

Do Disney cast members get fast passes?

Fast passes are not saved for cast members and their guests so you can only take what is still available that day.

Can Disney cast members wear Apple watches?

NOTE: Again, only Cast Members in non-QSFB /Safety Critical roles may wear watches, Smart watches, and/or FitBits at work!