Can you get married in a New York state park?

Can you get married in a New York state park?

Permits. Many New York State Parks offer permits for alcohol, amplified music, bounce houses, weddings, and more.

How much is a New York Public Library wedding?

New York Public Library: Begins at $60,000 The cost to rent the New York Public Library for a wedding begins at $60,000 and the beverage package starts at $50 per person. Included in rental price are two spaces, one for cocktails and one for dinner and the reception.

How much does it cost to get married at Letchworth State Park?

Rental for the ceremony site is $200 for up to 50 guests or $400 for more than 50 up to potentially 250 guests with the rental of a second tent for your reception. The rental fee for the outdoor tent starts at $800 with options to add a dance floor, tables, chairs, sidewalls, heaters, fans, and power.

What is the average cost of a wedding in New York?

And according to a recent Reuters article, New York is also the most expensive city in the United States to get married. The reported average cost of a wedding in the New York City metropolitan area is $65,824.

Can you get married in Letchworth State Park?

A gorge over 600ft deep, cut by the Genesee River, the state park is 14,000+ acres of stunning beauty. It offers many places to hold a ceremony; starting with the Glen Iris Inn, the premier and only traditional wedding venue in Letchworth.

Why is Letchworth State Park closed?

Castile, N.Y. (WHAM) – Letchworth State Park closed to new guests on Saturday after reaching capacity under COVID restrictions.

How can I have an inexpensive wedding in nyc?

Intimate NYC Wedding Venues Under $5,000

  1. The Merchant’s House. If you’re looking for a garden party in the middle of the city, the Merchant’s House Museum is for you.
  2. Prospect Park Picnic House.
  3. The Dumbo Loft.
  4. Brooklyn Grange.
  5. Freeman’s.
  6. Refinery Hotel Rooftop.
  7. Queens Botanical Garden.
  8. Maison May.